Halead: SUNPLUS Reflective Material Enhances Albedo and Energy Yields in Bifacial PV Plants


SUNPLUS reflective material has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD for power generation gain since November 2021 in Xining. Now, the new generation can reach a gain in power generation of 9~11%, the service life of 15 years, the reflectivity of 85%, an increase PR% by 5~9%, and a reduction in LCOE by 0.5~4% (depending on the plant design).


SUNPLUS reflective material exhibits excellent resistance to aging. After 10000 hours of QUV Test, the reflectivity within the 280nm-1100nm wavelength spectrum remains at 68.55%, and the material’s surface remains free from cracks and delamination.


SUNPLUS reflective material is a flexible material that is resistant to bending and certain external forces; If an accident occurs during use and causes damage such as partial tears or holes, convenient tools can be used to cut the damaged parts, and then lay and
install the new replacement materials.


The material is designed to include an anti-UV protective coating and a textile protective layer. The former has both good anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties; the latter is anti-bacterial and anti-mildew. This extends the product life to a certain further, reducing
operations and maintenance requirements. When using the product, the frequency of cleaning and maintenance can be determined based on the degree of contamination of the material surface.

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SUNPLUS has performed well in various environmental protection regulatory tests and has passed European Reach SVHC/RoHS 2.0/California 65 tests, etc. Besides, SUNPLUS is composed of materials which are recyclable. When it is discarded at the end of its life cycle, a recycling plant can be used to physically sort out PVC fragments, polyester yarn and other raw materials, and then other products or raw materials can be manufactured/refined through downstream factories.

Up to now, Halead has reached cooperation with many power plant stakeholders, established 8 experimental pilots around the world. Simultaneously, SUNPLUS reflective material has been successfully utilized in multiple bifacial photovoltaic projects, contributing to higher power generation gains.

Project cases(Part)
Project case 1: The world’s first utility-scale photovoltaic power plant

Project case 2: Distributed rooftop photovoltaic power project in China

For more product information and introduction, please contact:
Leo Wang (Vice President of Sales)
Tel: +86 15257372578

Ahmad Masoud (Global Sr. Director – Techno/Commercial)
Tel: +971 504344280

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