Eyes On Markets Worldwide, Astronergy Keeps Stable And Mighty Expansion

Samuel Zhang, CMO at Astronergy, shares his opinions on solar energy at a panel discussion during the BNEF Summit in London. [Photo/BNEF]

“As a top 6 PV module supplier at global shipment volume, we have huge plans and potentials to expand our manufacturing capacity, and product coverage while keeping supply chain transparency and lowering carbon emissions from the very beginning of a module products”, said Samuel Zhang, CMO at Astronergy, at a themed panel discussion during the BNEF Summit in London.


Shared sustainability strategy, on-way global expansion actions, and frontier TOPCon tech with attendees, Astronergy’s attendance at BNEF Summit London highlights the international company’s tech strength and image as a responsible enterprise.


“For sure, local policies would be a vital consideration for us to decide whether we will start manufacturing in a country”, said Samuel, “the energy transition process in the world and surging growing greener energy demands has pushed us to invest in expanding and to do more in product tech and links of business operations”.


As a company shouldering great social responsibilities, Astronergy will insist on its green energy core, and keep developing in a much more friendly way for a greener world. The company has a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and to achieve this goal, the company has formed a detailed plan for all its operational links.

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Stelios Antellis, Head of Strategic Cooperation at Astronergy, and Timo Franz, Head of Project Business at Astronergy, joined the discussion with Samuel and shared their opinions on the company’s development and the world’s energy transition process.

Astronergy is acting as a tech promoter in the industry, Timo said, that n-type TOPCon would be a great tool for continuous green energy generation. Of course, other frontier techs would also take effects after mature or cost-effective, added Stelio.

Takes ‘From Zero to Zero’ as the ultimate aim of all its products, Astronergy is striving to green product life cycle from the very beginning of product design to the supply chain and manufacturing and to produce PV modules with zero carbon emissions.

The commitment to create a sustainable and net-zero carbon world is the primal force of Astronergy to dive into the PV industry to develop better tech of great performance and to expand high-reliability products to each tiny corner of energy demands.

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