Unlocking Solar Power Excellence: Halead SUNPLUS Achieves PR Exceeding 93%


TÜV SÜD’s empirical results indicate that after one year of testing SUNPLUS solution, it demonstrated a power generation increase of 9-11%, an improved Performance Ratio (PR) of 6-10%, potentially leading to a reduction of up to 4% in the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), subject to the specific plant design.


The latest generation of SUNPLUS has a reflectivity of 88% (280-1100nm), which is a great breakthrough! This iteration ensures that a significant amount of reflected irradiation reaches the rear side of bifacial modules for enhanced performance.


SUNPLUS’s Anti-UV protective coating has anti-UV, Anti-Aging, Anti-Fouling and Self-Cleaning functions; The Precision Coating ensures flame retardancy, safeguarding both the material and the surrounding environment from potential risks. Additionally, the material exhibits qualities such as tear resistance, waterproofing, resistance to mildew, and antibacterial properties. These remarkable attributes result in substantial savings in operation and maintenance (O&M).


The SUNPLUS reflective material combines flexibility with bending resistance, it is suitable for installation in diverse climates and on flat or gently sloping terrains; Halead’s design, making it effortless to install.

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It is worth mentioning that SUNPLUS can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from – 30°C to 70°C in various natural environments and has a service life of up to 15 years. The composition of SUNPLUS material exhibits environmentally friendly and safe materials. Its environmental compliance has been confirmed by multiple environmental regulations tests such as European Reach SVHC / RoHS 2.0 / California, USA 65.

The advantages of implementing SUNPLUS solution are summarized in five points :

  1. First, Halead provides systematic technical solutions, including support in the bidding and design phase or post COD as a retrofit. This solution can bring an increase PR% by 6~10% to the proprietor / EPC (The specific value depends on the power plant design).
  2. Second, upon field testing, Halead has optimized the anchor spacing and re-engineered the installation methodology improving the fixation stability of the material which mitigates the risk of material displacement by strong wind conditions.
  3. Third, the special nature of the installation (sheets with gaps in-between the PV rows) facilitates the infiltration of rainwater and reduces flooding risks.
  4. Fourth, ease of installation without necessitating alterations to the existing PV plant design, all while not affecting the temperature of PV modules and other plant
  5. Fifth, Seamless integration with other power generation efficiency technologies, such as smart tracking and robotic cleaning systems.
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Presently, Halead has successfully supplied solutions to several large-scale photovoltaic projects in Oman, UAE, China, India, Japan, and other countries. Through the application of products to help customers to achieve considerable profits.

For more product information and introduction, please contact:

Leo Wang (Vice President of Sales)
Tel: +86 15257372578

Ahmad Masoud (Global Sr. Director – Techno/Commercial)
Tel: +971 504344280

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