Sineng Electric Signs a 250 MW Distribution Agreement with Menlo Electric


Sineng Electric, a global leading manufacturer of PV and energy storage inverters, has inked a distribution agreement with Menlo Electric, the fastest-growing PV distributor in EMEA. Under the agreement, Sineng will supply 250 MW of PV inverters to Menlo Electric, significantly advancing the ongoing decarbonization efforts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


To address the surging energy needs and achieve socio-economic benefits, the energy landscape in MENA is undergoing a transformation towards renewable energy sources. In line with the ambitious low-carbon goals, Sineng Electric is well-prepared to amplify brand awareness, extend the market footprint and promote the adoption of its energy-efficient, eco-conscious energy solutions, leveraging the extensive sales and service network of Menlo Electric.


Within this strategic partnership, Sineng Electric will provide a comprehensive product portfolio suitable for various application scenarios, including commercial and industrial, residential, and hybrid markets. Moreover, the collaboration underscores Sineng’s focus on enhancing pre-sales support and delivering localized technical assistance.

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Mr. Bartosz Majewski, CEO of Menlo Electric, said “This collaboration between Menlo Electric and Sineng Electric aims to bring great possibilities and innovations to the MENA energy sector. We eagerly anticipate providing our customers with high-quality products and service.”

Steven Chen, Sales Director of Sineng Electric MEA, declared, “We are elated to join forces with Menlo Electric, to redefine how energy is harnessed and delivered in the region and lead the charge towards a net-zero future. Together, we will set up more robust, efficient, and customer-centric distribution channels.”

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