HellermannTyton’s South African Factory Partners With The Energy Gurus And DEHN For Rooftop Solar Installation

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In a significant step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, HellermannTyton has completed the installation of a 700kW solar power system at its South African factory, with valuable support from two key partners, The Energy Gurus and DEHN.


HellermannTyton, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of electrical cable management products, including items crucial for solar installations such as lugs, UV-resistant cable ties, and heat shrink, was able to source many of the necessary components internally for this large-scale solar project.


The new solar installation significantly reduces HellermannTyton’s carbon footprint, decreases its dependence on diesel generators, and is expected to lead to reduced electricity costs over the coming years.


HellermannTyton previously relied on a fleet of diesel generators to keep its factory operational during power outages and load-shedding events. These generators consumed over 400 litres of fuel per hour, incurring substantial costs and contributing to a higher carbon footprint.

Gerhard van Rooyen, Managing Director of HellermannTyton South Africa, explained that the company has installed 1,200 solar panels, each capable of generating 540W of power. These panels cover approximately 3,400 square meters of the factory’s roof space.

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At its peak, this solar system produces around 700kW of power, which accounts for roughly 60% of HellermannTyton’s total power consumption.

For this project, HellermannTyton collaborated with The Energy Gurus, a leading South African engineering firm specializing in improving energy independence for residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors. The company places a strong emphasis on using high-quality products throughout the solar power system installation, including UV-rated solar cable ties sourced from HellermannTyton.

Alexis Barwise, the founder and CEO of The Energy Gurus, highlighted the importance of using top-quality components and praised HellermannTyton’s commitment to product research and development.

HellermannTyton also joined forces with DEHN, a leading provider of lightning and surge protection solutions, which is both a supplier and customer of HellermannTyton. DEHN supplied some of the components for the solar installation.

Gerhard van Rooyen emphasized that the most exciting aspect of the project is its substantial reduction in HellermannTyton’s carbon footprint, resulting in a reduction of over 1,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. This significant achievement greatly benefits the environment.

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“The biggest winner here is the environment,” van Rooyen stated, underlining the project’s positive impact on sustainability.

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