Brightening Chile’s Solar Horizons: The Solar Week Chile 2023 Conference


Chile’s solar energy sector was poised for a remarkable future as The Solar Week Chile 2023, took center stage at the Hotel in Región Metropolitana on November 9, 2023.


Hosted by FirstView Intelligent Business and SolarQuarter Americas, this gathering stood as a key highlight on Chile’s solar calendar, supported by notable partners like AniCHILE, SESI, SOLARCELL, Cyprus University of Technology, ISA, Central University of Jharkhand, Ministerio de Energia, CENTRO DE ENERGÍA, ProChile, ACESOL, and eolian Universidad de Chile.


This two-day extravaganza brought together over 100 decision-makers and more than 30 industry experts to delve into the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in Chile’s solar sector. The event kicked off with exclusive sessions featuring high-ranking government officials, offering valuable insights into the government’s role in shaping the industry’s trajectory.


The heart of The Solar Week Chile 2023 lay in its engaging panel discussions, led by eminent industry experts. These discussions aimed to shape the future of solar energy in Chile, covering everything from cutting-edge technology trends to evolving policy landscapes.

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However, this event wasn’t just about knowledge; it was a vibrant networking hub where professionals, businesses, and solar enthusiasts connected, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations. With 20+ award categories, 20 Leadership talks, and 10 partners and exhibitors, it’s no wonder The Solar Week Chile 2023 was dubbed “CHILE’S LARGEST SOLAR LEADERSHIP GATHERING.”

Distinguished speakers such as Mr. Pablo Pastene, President of ACESOL, and Mr. Jorge Antonio Perada Santibanez, Founding Partner of Ani Chile, honored the occasion. The event featured the active involvement of various member companies from different sectors, including EDP Renewables, Mainstream Renewable Power, STC Sunbelt SpA, Prime Energia, Rising Sun Chile, and Solcor Chile. Together, they collectively offered a comprehensive overview of Chile’s solar industry.

The Solar Week Chile 2023 proved to be an essential event for both industry veterans and newcomers, offering a unique opportunity to have been part of the transformation in Chile’s solar landscape.

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