LG Senior Delegation Visit To GoodWe Headquarters


The past month of November, GoodWe was delighted with the visit of LG Chem Vice President and members of its R & D department to the new headquarters in Suzhou. LG is one of the highest representatives of South Korea’s industry, manufacturing and innovation complex and it was an honor to host these distinguished visitors and discuss plans for a more comprehensive global partnership, including technical dialogue for co-development and testing of high-voltage products for the international market.


GoodWe is one of the first Chinese PV solar inverter companies developing energy storage solutions. Our first energy storage inverter was presented to the market in 2014 and since that very early date the company has built a diversified energy storage inverter portfolio that includes hybrid and retrofit solutions for the residential sector that currently are deployed across the main energy storage markets. In order to offer customers more choice and flexibility, GoodWe has invested time and effort to make our inverters compatible with a larger number of high quality battery brands worldwide.

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As early as 2014 GoodWe started cooperation with LG Chem. At present, the GoodWe residential hybrid inverter ES and EM Series, as well as the AC Coupled retrofit inverter SBP, are fully compatible with LG’s RESU 48V line of products. Attending the rising global demand for high-voltage batteries, GoodWe also launched its new high-voltage hybrid inverters series EH, ET and AC Coupled retrofit inverter BT and BH. At present GoodWe is testing the compatibility of these new inverters with LG’s RESU Gen2 400V high-voltage batteries. Thanks to the partnership with LG Chem, GoodWe will be able to provide a more stable home energy storage service, offering more choices to customers across the world.


Mr. Jeongjin Hong, Vice President of LG Chem, said, “As a long-term partner, we have witnessed the growth of GoodWe and marveled at its achievements. The newly-built Suzhou factory left us a very good impression. We look forward for a closer and more comprehensive cooperation with GoodWe in the very near future. We are confident that GoodWe will continue to evolve to become one of LG Chem most important partners. ”

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“We hope to continue working with LG Chem to provide customers with a more diversified and customer-centric photovoltaic energy storage system package,” said Mr. Ron Shen, VP of GoodWe. “GoodWe and LG chem will integrate their unmatched R & D, manufacturing and service capabilities to create a competitive home storage solution for households around the world, helping them to make the most of PV energy, achieving stronger energy savings.”

GoodWe is committed to keep working with battery industry leaders to enhance the energy efficiency and manufacture more cost-effective energy storage systems for homeowners worldwide, managing the intermittent nature of solar systems and helping in that way households to reach their goal of energy self-consumption and energy-independence, ultimately bringing sustainability to their everyday life.

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