Sofar Solar’s High Power Inverter: Excellent Operation in Harsh Environments, Guaranteed Stable Return for Business Owners


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The large and medium-sized series inverter of Sofar Solar is widely used in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. It is not only regarded as an “ice breaker” to improve the power generation, but also the most effective means to reduce the investment cost of owners. It also has a decent market performance in the harsh installation environment, and wins the favor of the market and users.


In 2018, in order to cope with the harsh requirements of the severe environment on the inverter, make up for the faults in the power section in the market, and meet the demands of domestic and foreign users for large and medium-sized series inverters, the 50-70kw large and medium-sized series inverter independently developed and designed by Sofar Solar officially went on the market, and subsequently accepted a series of tests in harsh environment, such as drought, humidity, sand and other installation environment.


Now, the machine has been running for more than two years, and it has been running stably in the 50MW agricultural project in Gujarat, India, the 50MW poverty alleviation project in Henan, the 20MW barren mountain project in Brazil, the 10MW tidal flat project in South Korea, 1.2MW sewage treatment plant in Zhejiang, etc. Sofar Solar ‘s 50-70kw inverter really did it: stable operation in harsh environment is not inferior, and owners’ choice and their investment return are guaranteed.

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  1. Avoidance of PID Effect

The installation of photovoltaic power station in humid environment causes PID Effect to become a fatal killer of the power station’s revenue. This effect will not only lead to the decline of component output power and affect the amount of power generation, but also shorten the life of the power station, so it is constantly criticized. In the process of designing and developing inverters, Sofar Solar has taken these factors into consideration and taken effective measures from the inside, so as to avoid PID Effect more safely, achieve active fault isolation, and reduce the occurrence probability of this effect.

2. Solution of Harmonic Resonance

Some power stations are installed in mountainous areas with complex environment, and the array is spaced back and forth. When multiple inverters are connected in parallel, it is easy to lead to grid shedding and vibration, which affects the power quality, and even bring security risks to the grid in serious cases. Sofar Solar’s inverter adopts intelligent control and has self-adaptive function, which solves the problem that the inverter is easy to oscillate when multiple inverters are connected to the same network. This can not only output better power quality, but also better meet the requirements of grid access.

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3. Strict Control of Quality

Sofar Solar always adheres to the quality control, and adopts 6 strict 100% factory inspections internally, involving component materials, aging, sealing and other links. At the same time, the selection of component suppliers is also layer by layer. At present, the suppliers are all world-class brands, aiming to improve the quality, reduce the failure rate, and ensure the stable operation of the machine in the harsh environment.

4. Guarantee of Efficiency

The selection of T-type three-level inverter is a major innovation highlight of large and medium-sized series inverter of Sofar Solar, which makes the machine more reliable and efficient during operation. And a large number of silicon carbide devices are used inside to ensure the good heat dissipation performance of the machine, and the efficiency is increased by more than 0.3%. In addition, the wide range of voltages between 250V and 960V and the real-time and accurate MPPT algorithm ensure the high output of the inverter and the maximum profit of the power station.

5. High Level of Protection

The operation of the large and medium-sized series inverter of Sofar Solar is not inferior in the harsh environment, and the key point is to do a good job in protection. This series of machine has outdoor IP65 protection level and can adapt to most severe weather. At the same time, the machine adopts built-in input DC secondary lightning protection and built-in anti reverse diodes, controlling the component current flow in a friendly way and protecting the components from damage. In addition, it also has the functions of AC surge protector, audible and visual alarm, etc.

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Adhering to strict quality control, continuous technological innovation, and increased internal protection have established Sofar Solar’s mainstream position in the large and medium-sized series inverter market. In the future, Sofar Solar will still focus on innovation and development, pursue quality products, seek new commanding heights in quality and efficiency, create more value for customers, and lead the market development.

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