The Largest Module Manufacturer in India


    Headquartered in Mumbai India, Waaree Energies is a part of Waaree Group founded in 1989. Waaree is both a Global leading manufacturer of solar PV modules and a provider of solar energy solutions, with over 2500 employees globally. Owning to the state-of-the-art module manufacturing facility of 2 GW Waaree is now the largest Module manufacturer in India. Waaree has delivered more than 2.8 GW of premium quality solar modules to customers in over 30 countries in the past 12 years. Waaree is the only Indian company to listed consecutively for 21 quarters in Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Tier 1 Module Manufacturers ranking in terms of bankability. Waaree has over 350 franchisees across India which is the largest sales and service network held by any Solar company. 


    Energising a clean and sustainable future


     Reliable energy supports growth of the key segments of an economy viz, industrial, agricultural, trade and transportation. These are the building blocks that scatter and reach people to help and prosper for a better future. With the best solar system installations across the globe, Waaree Energies Limited is generating clean energy for a brighter tomorrow. With strong emphasis on high-quality, advanced innovation and timely execution, Waaree, over the years, has completed over 600 MW worth of EPC projects and supplied modules generating over 2.8 GW power globally. Our growth is powered by the large portfolio of photovoltaic (PV) modules, rooftop solution, EPC projects and various solar products. With vertically integrated business approach and environment-friendly solutions across the solar value chain, we have delivered superior customer satisfaction every time. We are well-positioned to surge ahead in the global energy landscape with a talented workforce, extensive retail network and supportive Government policies. The Company’s vision to expand globally with cleaner and greener energy solutions will increase energy security, enhance sustainability and value for all.

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    Our vision is to provide high quality and cost effective sustainable energy solutions across all the markets, reducing carbon foot-print, paving way for sustainable energy thereby improving quality of present and future human life.


    By virtue of our commitment to our stakeholders, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services.

    Waaree Energies Is Powering India Forward With Its Presence Across The Solar Energy Sector In Various Regions Of The Country And Across The Globe. 

    We are truly energised by the strengths which the Company has built over the years. Our aspirations are aligned with the Governments vision of addressing the increasing energy demand by promoting solar energy solutions. With a broad product offering, quality solar modules and excellent services, Waaree continues to create a difference in people’s lives and increase value for the stakeholders. Our robust capabilities to execute projects even under difficult scenario and within the committed timeframe has positioned us at the forefront of the industry. Looking ahead, we aim to place the ‘Waaree’ brand as the country’s leading solar player and amongst the top five players globally. Waaree serves as a ‘one-stop solution’ providing advanced value-added products that are optimally designed. We are present across the solar spectrum with PV modules, rooftop solar, floating solar, various solar products, EPC services, while also extending to operations and maintenance services and energy storage solutions.

    We deliver the most advanced solar PV modules with the latest technology and durability. With high potential of our new Super 400 module series, we are looking at an exponential growth trajectory. Our fully-integrated approach to EPC projects and rooftop solutions with strong execution capabilities, make our unique solar solutions a sound investment with greater peace of mind. Also, by entering new markets and growing our product portfolio, we are constantly helping people around the world, transition to a self-sufficient energy supply model. Over the years, Waaree has strategically enhanced its module manufacturing capacities. Our avant-garde automated production facility offers mono & poly crystalline PV Modules ranging from 3Wp to 400Wp for various on-grid and off-grid applications across India and exported globally. With the best-in-class capacity, the Company has achieved higher productivity, efficient utilizations and carved a niche on the solar energy landscape globally.

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    During the year, the Company expanded its solar PV module manufacturing capacity with a new 1 GW facility in Vapi, which took the overall module manufacturing capacity from 2 GW.. As a result, the Company is well placed to reinforce its position as the leading solar PV module manufacturer and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the country’s next leg of growth journey. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with globally benchmarked machineries which are currently used by top tier PV players. Deep-rooted foundation and expertise in every field has enabled us to deliver high-quality affordable solar products and consistent service to our customers With its commitment to rigorous R&D and continuous innovation, the Company has launched high efficiency Super 400 series, a Mono PERC Module, with 400Wp output and the Super 400 Pro Module, a Bifacial module, with up to 30% higher output. We also introduced world-class Merlin technology for the first time in the country.

    We, at Waaree, follow strict production guidelines and the best-in-class standards for our manufacturing processes with successful third party audits. By procuring reliable quality raw material and conducting stringent quality checks in our state-of-the-art In-house testing laboratory, we ensure excellence across our products and services.

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    Catalysing the energy revolution through extensive franchisee network

    For us, being close to our customers is more than just geographical proximity. We are focused to actively support and transform lives of the customers through our widespread franchisee network and retail stores under the brand Waaree, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Our franchisees have got deep understanding of the local markets where they operate, thereby building a sustainable growth ecosystem. We constantly strive to reach out to more customers and exceed expectations through accessible and quality products that add true value. Waaree has the largest franchisee network of over 350 franchises across the county

    Beyond boundaries: Our growing global footprint

    The Company expanded its global footprint by commissioning 49.5 MW ground mounted solar project in Vietnam. With an expected power generation of more than 78,600 MWh per year, the project marks Waaree’s presence and expertise in the international market. With strengthening fundamentals and a clear vision, the Company plans to spread internationally by setting up around 30 retail franchisee across the potential markets in next three years. 

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