Witnessing the Innovation Tool and Leading the New Course of PV Storage Development, SOFARSOLAR, Draw Sword again in SNEC 2020


2020 is the key year for China’s PV industry to go to grid parity from bidding subsidy, which means that grid companies not only meet the new energy efficiency assessment demands, but also put forward the requirements of power quality and grid friendliness to the PV industry. Especially for the grid parity PV project, only by selecting more efficient components and inverters, more reasonable system solutions, and increasing the utilization rate when necessary, can the system cost per kilowatt hour be reduced as much as possible, and an overall non-subsidy grid parity can be achieved.


On August 8-10, SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition grandly opened, at which SOFARSOLAR once again dressed up, shining its sword all over the world with innovation tool of PV storage. On the opening day, SOFARSOLAR conducted Seminar on Trend of PV Storage Microgrid and Global Release of SOFARSOLAR PV Storage New Products, online to offline, with theme of “Deep Integration of PV Storage, New Course of Microgrid”. At the conference, SOFARSOLAR launched a new battery brand AMASSTORE, reviewed the new trend of PV storage integration with on-site guests, talked about the new course of microgrid, and signed the 2020 global strategic cooperation agreement with CATL and UZ Energy, vowing to open the last kilometer of deep integration of PV storage and charging.


In his speech, Xu Tao, Chairman of SOFARSOLAR, said that while the installed scale of PV power generation is increasing year by year, the battery cost is rapidly decreasing and the number of electric vehicles is greatly on the rise. So he believes that PV + energy storage will become the mainstream trend of future industry development, and also the backbone of energy supply in the future.


Shi Dinghuan, Former Counsellor of State Council, emphasized that the new products released this time plays an significant role in promoting the future development of renewable energy in China, and is an crucial way for PV to integrate into the economic society and people’s lives. He hoped that the company’s latest products could enter the market as soon as possible and go deep into people’s lives, and that market expansion efforts, at the same time, could be strengthened to build more smart cities and low-carbon cities.

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Qin Xiao, Director of Solar Energy Department of New Energy Ministry, General Institute of Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design, pointed out that from 2021, PV will enter the development stage of non-subsidy parity, and distributed PV (including residential and industrial and commercial) will occupy an important position in the future energy system with more diversified application. With the deepening of power market, distributed PV system with energy storage can adapt to the new market environment more quickly and be widely used.

Zhang Xiaobin, Executive Secretary General of Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association, introduced that in the distributed markets of 16 cities in Shandong Province, inverter products of SOFARSOLAR can be seen almost everywhere. The development of distributed PV in Shandong, as it were, coexists with the development of SOFARSOLAR, and the market development cannot be separated from the promotion and efforts of new energy enterprises such as SOFARSOLAR. It can be believed that in the near future, more PV storage systems will be seen in various application scenarios.

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Ma Xianli, Secretary General of Hebei PV New Energy Chamber of Commerce, spoke highly of SOFARSOLAR’s new PV storage products. He expressed that the products launched by SOFARSOLAR are very in line with the needs of market development. SOFARSOLAR is often seen in residential and industrial and commercial projects in Hebei Province, and the company’s services have also been recognized by the majority of users.

Jiang Liping, Vice President of State Grid Energy Research Institute, believes that PV storage products are conducive to enriching the new pattern of power market. The controllable, adjustable and testable power supply is the basis for the safe and stable operation of electrical system, so the access of fluctuating power supply such as PV may affect the power system and flexibility and schedulability will become scarce resources in the future power system. Therefore, PV storage and microgrid technology with good technical and economic performance has a bright future.

Zhong Qizheng, Co-founder and Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, introduced several new products released this time to the audience, including 3-6kW single-phase dual-channel grid-connected inverter, 3.3-10kW three-phase dual-channel grid-connected inverter, 12-24kW three-phase dual-channel grid-connected inverter, 80-255kW three-phase high-power grid-connected inverter, 3-6kW single-phase dual-channel off-grid and grid-connected integrated inverter and AMASS energy storage battery. He said that the new inverter products above generally have high capacity ratio design and long-term overload capacity, and the whole machine has IP66 or IP65 protection grade, which is suitable for various complex environments and has high reliability and safety. At the same time, the conversion efficiency of the new inverter products is higher, which can reduce the loss, improve the power generation efficiency of the system, fully reduce the cost of kilowatt hour, and bring higher benefits to the owners.

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From the situation on the site, various new energy products of SOFARSOLAR have been highly concerned by online and offline audiences, especially the PV storage series products have achieved good results in overseas markets such as Germany. Zhong Qizheng said that the overseas shipment of SOFARSOLAR energy storage products has exceeded 100, 000 sets, accounting for nearly 10% of its total shipments, and the future prospect is very promising.

On the new products of PV storage released by SOFARSOLAR, some people in the industry commented that both grid-connected and off-grid systems could build a multicomplementary energy generation microgrid system with the help of its PV inverter products, so as to realize the PV self-use and residual power storage, maximize economic benefits by combining with peak-valley arbitrage of energy storage, and meanwhile effectively mitigate the load impact on distribution network. The release of new brand battery is the last kilometer of deep integration of PV storage and charging, and will become the reservoir and power source of PV storage and charging energy interconnection.


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