JA Solar supplies modules for the largest solar-wind hybrid project in South Korea


JA Solar announced that it has supplied modules for South Korea’s largest mountain photovoltaic plant project, which has an installed capacity of 93MW and is built on the ground of an existing wind farm from 40MW. With the incorporation of the photovoltaic power plant, the wind-solar hybrid project has become the largest of its kind in South Korea with a total installed power of 133MW.


The entire wind-solar hybrid project is expected to generate 120 million kWh of electricity per year, meeting the needs of around 30,000 households and bringing in an annual income of around 30 billion won (approximately US $ 25 million ). The 93MW photovoltaic plant is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 56,000 tons per year, equivalent to the reforestation of 310,000 pine trees.


This project uses the unused land of the wind farm for the installation of the photovoltaic power plant in order to meet the growing demand for clean energy in the South Korean market and, at the same time, to exploit the land more fully. This new application of wind and solar power generation improves the reliability of energy supply and reduces its costs.

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This new project is part of JA Solar’s ongoing commitment to actively explore innovative applications of renewable energy while focusing on the development of photovoltaic technology. It has supplied modules for projects that combine photovoltaic products with state-of-the-art technologies, including the delivery of 490MW of the Huanghe Hydropower power plant for its ultra-high voltage (UHV) transmission project in Qinghai province , a solar generation project combined with 32MW accumulation in Hokkaido and the first double-sided tracker project in Malaysia. Through these innovative applications of advanced photovoltaic products, the company constantly promotes the efficient use and development of solar energy.

Since JA Solar’s entry into the South Korean solar photovoltaic market in 2011, the company has built an excellent reputation and has developed a loyal customer base in the fast growing photovoltaic market with its high quality products and services. JA Solar’s highly efficient products have achieved product certification by Korean Industry Standards (KS), and have received accolades from local industry media and customers. In 2018, JA Solar officially established a subsidiary in South Korea to provide more timely and efficient service and support to local customers. In 2019, the subsidiary won the “Best Market Performance Award” for the best market performance of South Korea’s solar / ESS sector.

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