MNRE Increases Solar Capacity By 30.8 GW Under KUSUM Scheme


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, (MNRE) recently passed an order regarding administrative approval of Pradhan Mantri Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyaan (PM-KUSUM) Scheme for scaling-up and expansion of PM-KUSUM Scheme to achieve enhanced solar capacity of 30.8 GW by 2022 with revised central financial support of Rs. 34,035 Cr.


The revised targets under the three components of the Scheme are as follows: (i) Component-A: 10,000 MW of decentralized ground mounted grid-connected solar power plants of individual plant size up to 2 MW (ii) Component-B: Installation of 20 lakh standalone solar powered agricultural pumps of individual capacity up to 7.5 HP (iii) Component-C: Solarization of 15 lakh grid-connected agricultural pumps of individual pump capacity up to 7.5 HP including through feeder level solarisation. 


Scaled-up targets will be implemented for the year 2020-21 and external evaluation based Ilirther implementation of the Scheme will be considered thereafter. 


The Scheme will continue to be implemented as per implementation guidelines and amendments issued by MNRE and Guidelines for implementation of feeder level solarization under Component-C will be issued separately. 

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To know more refer to the document below:

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