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LONGi Cracks the 10 GW Mark with its Highly Efficient Bifacial Modules

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Low LID and high bifacial performance

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LONGi has cracked the 10 GW mark with the sale of its highly efficient bifacial modules . By the end of 2020, the manufacturer wants to achieve a value of 12 GW in production.

Bifacial modules are now among the most mature developments in solar cell technology. The low light-induced degradation (LID) and high efficiency of the modules are very promising. The new trend is expected to revolutionize the photovoltaic industry and will soon establish itself as the new standard. In 2017, LONGi was one of the first suppliers to spread the technology with its bifacial Hi-MO2 modules. In 2018, the Hi-MO 3 half-cell modules with bifacial cells came onto the market. Last year, the bifacial modules with the 166-mm module Hi-MO 4 prevailed in large parts of the market. The high-performance module is considered a disruptive technology in the photovoltaic industry. In order to meet the requirements of network parity, LONGi launched the new Hi-MO 5 bifacial module this year. Investors can now use it to equip large-scale photovoltaic systems around the world.

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Global applications with real added value

LONGi is committed to innovation. The company therefore started mass production of bifacial modules based on PERC technology in 2017, as used in the Chinese Top Runner program.

The company’s bifacial modules have since been used in various major projects around the world, including a 390 MW project in the Egyptian city of Aswan and a 224 MW plant in Georgia , USA .

LONGi’s internal market research indicates that the market share of bifacial modules will continue to grow. Increasing production also brings more data and better designs. Thanks to lower energy conversion costs and higher profitability, the additional costs for manufacturing the backs of bifacial modules are amortized.

Hi-MO 5: the module of the future

The Hi-MO 5 module came onto the market in June 2020. It uses an M10 wafer as standard and uses the new capacities for cell and module production. The new series of high-performance modules is intended for extra-large power plants. With a maximum output of 540 W and an efficiency of 21.1 percent, the product stands for high performance and great reliability in the long term.

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After LONGi has reached the milestone of 10 GW with the delivery of its bifacial panels, the company wants to further reduce the electricity production costs of its customers – and thus lead the photovoltaic industry into a bright future.

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