BCPG Increases Capital, Plans To Become Leader Of Power Plants In ASEAN Region

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BCPG has excellent response for both retail and specific investors to exercise their rights in full. Making the business position even stronger By receiving money immediately over 7,000 million baht and gradually receiving the remainder from warrant exercise Total 10,235 million baht from now ready to go for business fully Set the future goals to be the leader of the ASEAN power plant “Bandit Saphienchai”, indicating that shareholders are confident because the Company There is a clear plan to spend and expand the business. Make a commitment to do all the work to keep up with good growth and to stand firm.


Mr. Bundit Saphianchai, President of BCPG Public Company Limited, disclosed that the Company’s newly issued ordinary shares. In the portion offered to existing shareholders in accordance with the percentage of shareholding that each shareholder holds (Rights Offering), not more than 250 million shares, par value (par) of 5 baht at the rate of 8 existing shares to 1. Share capital increase shares offering price 11.50 baht, which has been subscribed for capital increase shares between November 3, 2020, November 6, 2020 and November 9, 2020, it appears that the response from shareholders is excellent. Due to the capital increase this time This reflects the confidence of shareholders and investors. For the growth potential of BCPG To become a leader in renewable energy power plants in ASEAN The proceeds received from the partial capital increase are prepared to be used for debt repayment of financial institutions.

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On the part of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, as the major shareholder of BCPG Has exercised the right to buy new shares in full proportion To enhance the financial position of BCPG To be strong Supporting future business expansion plans At the same time, the capital increase shares are offered in private placement (PP) to Pilgrim Partners Asia (Pilgrim Partners Asia) and Capital Asia Investments. ) Has already exercised the rights and added capital increase


“With this capital increase, BCPG received a total of approximately ten billion baht. Which makes the Company’s capital base Have more strength It also helps to strengthen investment opportunities. Increase competitiveness And business development to be able to grow steadily and sustainably Create good returns to shareholders in the future “


Objectives of using the proceeds from this capital increase To support the investment expansion plan for a 600-megawatt wind power plant project in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, approximately 3,750 million baht, the period of use of funds in the year 2020-2023 and used to repay the loan for the power plant project Solar energy Total production capacity under a power purchase agreement of 20 megawatts in Thailand in 2020-2022

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It is also preparing to repay part of the loan for the purchase of the Nam San 3A and Nam San 3B hydroelectric power projects with a total capacity of 114 MW, as well as the investment fund for the installation of transmission lines for electricity distribution. To Vietnam, approximately 1,870 million baht by 2020, the remaining 3,700 million baht will be used to invest in power plant projects both at home and abroad by 2020-2021.

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