Egypt’s Benban Park Obtains Reduce Cost-Sharing Bill


The 32 solar developers taking part in Egypt’s Benban park obtained a reduced cost-sharing bill, Al Borsa News reported.


This was followed by an agreement between the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) and the operating companies, according to sources.


According to the news portal, The bill will now stand at EGP 1.6 billion, which will be paid across six installments over a five-year period.


The reduced amount reportedly totaled EGP 300 million.


In October, to solve the dispute the involved parties reached an agreement however, the EETC legal affairs department was yet to ratify  and review the proposal back then.

Benban Solar Park is a photovoltaic power station with a total capacity of 1650 MWp which corresponds to an annual production of approximately 3.8 TWh. It is located in Benban in the western desert, approximately 650 km south of Cairo and 40 km northwest of Aswan.

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