Limes Is Positioning As One Of The Key Local Enablers Of Transition To A Cleaner And Renewable Energy Fueled World, Cristiano Spillati, Limes Renewable Energy


In an exclusive conversation with SolarQuarter ASEAN, Mr.Cristiano Spillati, Managing Director of Limes Renewable Energy, an international renewable energy developer has briefed us on utility scale solar projects in Vietnam. His updates on recent technology and
cost trends in the South East Asian solar market will help the readers understand the ASEAN Market in greater detail.


Please brief our readers about the major utility scale projects that you have undertaken in Vietnam.


Limes is currently working on a pipeline of around 1.3GW of solar and wind projects in Vietnam, all projects positioned to participate in the upcoming new tender program. In
Vietnam we have spread our pipeline through different Provinces, with different project
sizes to use different permitting paths (we have projects ranging from 30MW to 400MW). We are also targeting different types of off takers, not only EVN but also private off takers through the Direct PPA program (we are already involved in one consortium for a potential pilot project of this type).

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Tell us a bit about the recent technology and cost trends in the South East Asian solar market.


This year has also been the first year where we have seen battery pack prices going below $US100/MWh (this was for e-buses in China), but stationary storage is
predicted to see this price range very soon as well , allowing better integration and higher penetration of renewables in South East Asian grids.

What is your outlook on the future development of utility scale solar in the South East Asian region for the next 5 years?

After the extraordinary Covid pandemic will be finally over, South East Asia will recover the major economic development and population growth we have seen in recent years, which in turns will be fuelling electricity demand, with growth rates unseen in other
parts of the world. This year has seen a pivotal shift with many private and public institutions in Asia moving away from coal development and financing, as we as Limes rightly foresaw. This trend will continue and further accelerate this energy transition, and solar will be the cornerstone of every national energy strategy in SouthEast Asia.

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Read the full interview here: https://solarquarter.com/2021/01/07/solarquarter-asean-e-magazine/

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