The German Photovoltaic Market Continues On Its Growth Path In 2021: EUPD Research


Despite an increased number of new photovoltaic installations in 2020, half of the German installers state a negative impact on their photovoltaic business due to the coronavirus pandemic. The outlook for 2021 is significantly more positive, as the latest EUPD Research survey shows. For 2021, EUPD Research forecasts an additional increase of new PV installations by 23% to 6 GWp.


Bonn. Like last year, the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold of Germany in 2021. Amongst others, the current situation is characterized by great economic uncertainty, which is reflected in increasing unemployment rates and deterioration of income. For the first time since 2007, the Federal Statistical Office recorded decreasing nominal wages.


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the photovoltaic (PV) industry in many ways. The annual EUPD Research survey “Global PV InstallerMonitor 2020/ 2021″ reveals that half of the 250 surveyed installation companies in Germany state negative effects caused by the coronavirus. Only 10 percent retroactively mention positive impacts for 2020. For 2021, the outlook is significantly more positive. This is especially true when comparing the share of negative expectations in 2021 (16%), which is half of the share in 2020 (33%). In contrast, every fifth photovoltaic installer in Germany names positive impacts on business in 2021. “The reason for this result is that the pandemic has had a positive influence on the topic sustainability and stimulates people and, thus, the customers of installers to think and act”, adds Hanna Schmole, project manager of the study Global PV InstallerMonitor 2020/ 2021© at EUPD Research.

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Besides the coronavirus pandemic, many other aspects influence the development of the German PV market in 2021. With announced increases in electricity prices and a growing interest in electric mobility, private end consumers may especially turn out as a driver for solar installations on their own roof. For the industrial segment, different developments can be expected as a result of the EEG amendments as of 1/1/2021.


The biggest growth can be expected for large-scale installations with a high realization rate of tenders from previous years. In total, market and economic research institution EUPD Research forecasts 6 GWp within the support framework in 2021, which is an increase by 23% in comparison to the previous year. For non-funded PPA projects an additional 400 MWp of new installations are expected in 2021.

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