“ESDEC MMS With Minimum Supply Chain Disruption During Pandemic” Wouter de Roos, Director Procurement – Europe and Asia, ESDEC


Q. 1. Please tell our readers about the journey of Esdec India so far and what the year 2020 is like with the pandemic? Any key learnings? 


Wouter : 2020 Is our first year in the Indian market. We used this year to make next generation products for the Indian market. In SRPL-GROUP™ we have found a reliable partner. Their dedicated, talented, motivated & professional team has supported us to learn, grow, develop during the pandemic So far we have acquired over 50 customers who are regularly buying our products. We have created reference solar plants in all major cities and developed a local supply chain. Also, we are building a sales network PAN-India. 


We are looking for motivated, energetic, dedicated distribution & EPC partners all over India who can help us further expand our brand. 


Key learnings 


This pandemic has given us time and opportunities to study the Indian markets and weather conditions. Esdec gives a 20 year warranty on the products. Therefore we have adjusted and modified our FlatFix Fusion products to meet the Indian needs and our customers’ requirements. 

Also we have developed FlatFix Fusion for 10DGR  slope so that it maintains higher sustainability at high  wind speed and in less space we can install more  solar panels. 

Mid Clamp and End clamps with Bounding clip Mid & End Clamps are most failure parts during harsh weather like high wind speed, We have developed our unique bounding clip which helps to bound the module frame with mid clamp without any kind of slippage and maintain the form grip. We can mount earthing wire lugs so it helps for earthing purposes. 

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High Base & Low Base with Metal Insert 

The metal inserts in High Base & Low Base plastic parts helps to give higher strength for mid and end clamps. It also helps to disable and reassemble the structures multiple times without damage.

Ballast container with ribs 

We have upgraded the ballast container and added ribs which can handle 30% more ballast and perforation is provided to drain the rain water. 

Wind def. rear with ribs 

We have upgraded ribs which provide additional stiffness & strength and take care of aerodynamic features. 

Q. 2. What is the impact of Covid on your services, especially the supply chain and how have you maintained it through the pandemic? 

Wouter : This year is one of the biggest surprises for all of us. 2020 Has shown how important bankability is for a company like Esdec. Because of the large scale and good relationship with our suppliers our inventory could always meet our customers needs. And we were able to deliver service our customers expect from us. Our strategy is to partner-up sustainably with both suppliers as customers. 

Esdec offers two solutions for Indian clients:  FlatFix Fusion and ClickFit EVO (Steeldeck). Due  to our modular design, single tool approach,  standardize design , minimum SKU’s, high quality  & reliable vendors, inventory and stock  management has reduce the impact on supply  chain which consistent use of plastic, metal,  aluminum and SS parts

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Due to pandemic and ongoing dispute between India and China there is disruption in the solar module supply chain hence there are a lot of changes in the designs of solar power plants and solar module mounting structures. Esdec is able to deal with these changes with its portfolio. 

However our inhouse online developed MMS calculator has benefited to our customers during pandemic 

  • Online access 
  • Easy user interface 
  • Storage of project data and plan layouts 
  • BOM and Ballast calculations as per the site location 
  • Online Tutorial and dedicated hotline support. 

Interestingly our FlatFix Fusion is designed to accommodate all ranges of solar panels. The client can make changes in the layout as per their requirements. And our customers can benefit from universal racking systems. 

Q. 3. ESDEC has a strong presence in the rooftop segment globally. How does it plan to grow here in the Indian market? 

Inventory and Packaging 

Our packing system is compacted, lightweight and good to handle. Packaging helps to carry as well as load & unload the materials by following social distancing guidelines during pandemic. 

Installation is done by a single tool approach means less contacts and can be installed by minimum manpower. So, installers of Esdec products can be safe from COVID-19 and do their job. Our Clicking technology makes installation 60% faster

The Esdec group of companies develops, manufactures and supplies solar rooftop mounting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial markets. For over 15 years Esdec has simplified PV installations with some of the fastest, most economical mounting solutions on the market. Esdec is one of the leading rooftop racking and mounting companies in the U.S. and spans 16 countries in Europe, with over 7 GW capacity installed worldwide. 

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Esdec seeks to position itself as a top ballasted and rail-based mounting systems provider throughout India. The company has developed regional supply chains in India and partnered with SRPL-GROUP™ for local commercial presence. 

In future we are planning to develop the products as per the local markets. As per our global vision we would like to grow organically. 

Q. 4. What can we expect from Esdec on product innovation and service in 2021? 

Wouter : First we will introduce our FlatFix Fusion 10DGR. And we are planning to provide various MMS for different types of tin shed roof such as full rail solutions, Also standing seam solution, corrugated profile roof solutions with different fixing mechanisms that will be added to our various standard products used globally.

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