ArcVera Renewables To Release Monthly India Wind And Solar Resource Anomaly Maps For Plant Production Analysis


ArcVera Renewables, a leading international provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, announced that it now provides comprehensive first-to-market wind and solar resource anomaly maps for the Indian Market. The anomaly maps will enable India’s plant owners and operators to conduct a first-view analysis of the impact of resource variations on the power output of their wind and solar assets. The maps for April 2020 through February 2021 are freely accessible on ArcVera’s website. In the first week of each month, a new map will be posted for the preceding month, including quarterly and Monsoon-period anomaly maps.


To intensify the deployment of renewable energy across India, concise, accurate, and rapid wind and solar resource information must be available at the pace at which the renewables business moves.  In response to the needs of our clients, we have developed these scientifically-based maps to provide information immediately after the end of a given month to help accelerate the understanding of plant performance and the broader India resource deviation. These maps are the beginning of rigorous analysis,” directs CEO and Principal Atmospheric Scientist, Greg Poulos.

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ArcVera’s Wind and Solar Anomaly Maps quickly and accurately provide a visual representation of the percent deviation of the wind and solar resources in India. These timely maps contain critical information for project stakeholders who are responsible for monthly project production reports, operations, and answering to investors and owners for production missing or exceeding forecasts. The first step is to review the variation in resource “fuel” to put operational issues in the context of expected production.ArcVera’s resource anomaly maps will help stakeholders as they seek answers to explain out-of-range production results.


Lower resources can result in significant revenue reduction. That is why wind and solar project performance is typically evaluated by stakeholders on a regular basis to make sure that the variations in the production of the plants are explained by variations of the actual wind or solar resource,” explains APAC lead C.R. Anbalagan.


ArcVera’s anomaly maps are generated from a blend of reanalysis and operational weather data, placed into the context of the 40-year past climate. Its unique blend of data sources allows us to produce a monthly map immediately at the end of the month, instead of weeks or months later.

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Customized ‘special circumstance” reports can also be produced for stakeholders who require a deeper investigation of their asset’s production anomalies. Project-specific production anomalies for custom periods can be investigated, including estimated production anomalies based on energy sensitivity to resource as well as production forensics for detailed attribution of production anomaly causes.

“To accurately understand past and future performance of renewable energy assets, ArcVera’s clients can rely on our seasoned team of atmospheric science experts. Our solar and wind energy resource assessment expertise is second to none and critical to the proper evaluation and prediction of future, long-term performance,” concluded C.R. Anbalagan.

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