SEPC Signs MoU with SKL Farm to Develop Integrated Fishery Solar Project in Sylhet


Solar EPC Development Limited (SEPC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with agro-based company SKL Farm to develop an integrated fishery solar project in Sylhet.


The SEPC is the pioneer of floating solar project in Bangladesh, says a press release.


SKL Farm is an integrated organisation combined with cattle, poultry, fruits, vegetables, seasonal crops, and fishery.


SEPC’s initial target is to install a cumulative 25 megawatt (MW) solar projects which includes rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar, solar irrigation, and integrated fishery solar.


Out of 25 MW of targeted installation, 20 MW will be an IPP model integrated fishery-solar project on several fishing ponds of SKL Farm. A cumulative 05 MW capacity will be consumed by SKL and adjacent other farms.

SKL Farm will provide around 100 acres of fishery ponds to develop an integrated fishery solar project for 20 years of the project tenure.

SEPC will develop rooftop solar in the first phase followed by others. SEPC is yet to submit an unsolicited project proposal to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources for the proposed 20 MW project.

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SEPC Chief Executive Officer Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid said due to the land scarcity in Bangladesh his company has changed its focus from the beginning for the utility-scale solar project development.

“Instead of ground-mounted solar project, SEPC is more focused on floating solar, integrated fishery solar, and agro-photovoltaic project as it will ensure the dual use of the land and sustainable development at the same time,” he said.

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