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Zero-Emission EV Charging Station Powered By Solar PV At The IISc Bangalore

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A journey against Climate Emergency

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GreenEnco Ltd has announced another milestone towards the journey against Climate Emergency measures. This is a custom made Off-Grid System comprising Solar Photovoltaic (PV) module, hybrid inverter, battery storage and an EV charger. This can also be implemented as an On-Grid system application.

GreenEnco has designed and implemented this innovative solution of Zero-Emission EV charging station under the Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) programme by Energy System Catapult, UK. The Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) programme aims to support UK and Indian firms to tackle air pollution, by introducing innovations that improve air quality monitoring, addressing challenges related to electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, power grid management and the integration of renewable energy.

Dr. Jyotirmoy Roy, Founder and CEO of GreenEnco said “GreenEnco is a UK based renewable energy advisory firm that provides strategic and risk management consulting services across the complete solar PV project lifecycle, energy storage and Zero-Emission infrastructure projects. Our projects are located in 12 countries in 4 continents. We have committed with our integrated green energy solution to help develop the fast EV charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India. Our innovative solution will not only make an environmental impact to decarbonize transport sector but locally procured system
components will also help developing sustainable socio-economical ecosystem in India.”

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IISc Bangalore has played a pivotal role to host and facilitate the implementation of this initiative under an India-UK collaboration to battle against Climate Change. The charging facility is available behind the JRD Tata Memorial Library and the solar PV system has been installed on the roof of the Library.

Prof Ashish Verma, Convenor, IISc Sustainable Transportation Lab said “IISc Sustainable Transportation Lab (IST Lab) and GreenEnco will conduct the impact assessment of this charging facility. The expected outcome of this project is technical data analysis of solar PV performance and EV charging mechanism, commercial charging fees mechanism, customer behaviour of EV users and support policy framework of e-mobility in India and its challenges & opportunities.”

This charging facility has been inaugurated by Prof. Govindan Rangrajan, Director of IISc and Mr. Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Bangalore.
This project has established a strong collaboration between academia and industry partners from India and the UK. GreenEnco is honoured to partner with Vikram Solar Ltd, FIMER and Dexler Energy. Vikram Solar has provided their high efficiency mono PERC half-cut PV modules; FIMER has provided inverter, battery storage and EV charger and Dexler Energy has installed the system.

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Mr Saibaba Vutukuri, Chief Executive Officer, Vikram Solar quoted, “We are proud to partner with GreenEnco in this endeavour towards enabling solar energy adoption in the country. Transport sector emits more than 70% of greenhouse gases in India and any step to bring sustainability to this sector demands applaud. We congratulate GreenEnco and IISc on the successful launch of the zero-emission charging station. Vikram Solar will continue to collaborate for such initiatives which enable India’s transition to low-carbon economy and build the new energy rich India.”

Xavier Scaria, Director-Sales & Marketing quoted, “FIMER is delighted to partner with GreenEnco on this prestigious project. For us investing and working in the solar and e-mobility sectors is a strategic choice for building a better world to leave to future generations. Our high end products FIMER REACT 2 – a Hybrid inverter (PV+ Storage) and EV charger AC type 2 connection were used for this initiative. REACT2 is FIMER’s photovoltaic energy storage system, allowing it to store excess energy and optimize the
energy use in residential & commercial applications. We would like to thank IISC and GreenEnco for this opportunity to present such unique solutions to the society and leading the way for a greener, cleaner and sustainable environment.”

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Ravi Kumar, CEO of Dexler Energy quoted, “We are glad to partner with GreenEnco in implementing this project under the Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) programme. It is probably the first of its kind EV charging station in India integrated fully with a Solar PV system making it 100% green and zero on emissions. We believe this pilot will be instrumental in making Solar integral to EV mobility and contributing to a cleaner future for our cities. We look forward to supporting GreenEnco and IISc in operating this project to realise its fullest potential”.

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