Amplus Announces The MILES Challenge Green List


Amplus Solar has announced theGreen List, the finalists of The MILES (M+ Innovation Lab for Energy and Sustainability) Challenge. The challenge was launched in January 2021 for start-ups with ready to deploy innovations in the Indian clean energy space.


Ajury comprising renowned experts from leading Indian and international institutions like the World Bank, ISA, UNEP, IIM Ahmedabad, among others, selected the top 11start-ups based on the strength of their idea, business model, scalability, deployment readiness, impact, and team capability.


“With The MILES Challenge, we wish to work together with select clean energy start-ups that have the potential to deliver better products and solutions towards an environmentally sustainable world”, said Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Amplus Solar.


Experts from Team MILES will provide mentorship and support to the Green List. The jury will select the winners of this innovation challenge from among this list.


The Green List is as follows:

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Distributed Clean Energy

AHAsolar’s solution is an AI powered CleanTech platform that digitalises solar through efficient communication, process management and reporting.

DeyHaat Connect developsand operates solar powered pico-grids in rural markets to provide energy access as a service to lowest income generating micro enterprises in rural India.

Inoviea Ventures has its own disruptive product, ipanelKlean, in the solar cleantech category.

Battery Storage

Delectrik Systemshas developed energy storage systems based on Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology primarily for Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale stationary applications.

Virya Batteries’solution is an ultra-safe Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion Cell Technology, including the synthesis of materials, electrolyte etc.

Wenergie Ecoworksmakes hardware and software that integrates solar energy with battery storage.

IoT Applications in Energy

LEDsafari Innovation produces DIY solar kits primarily to educate and spread awareness of solar energy in the younger generation.

MinionLabs’ smart energy management solutionhelps businesses to reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights.

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Ushva Clean Technology has developed an industry-agnostic IoT edge device along with industry-wise smart solutions that can play an important part in the journey of India’s energy digitisation.

Vecmocon Technologies is a Vehicle Intelligence company working on the core components of electric vehicles and the ecosystem around them.

Electric Mobility

Upgrid Solutions offers a network of tech-enabled battery swapping stations for electric-rickshaws. The solution helps electric vehicles transition from archaic lead-acid battery system to Li-ion in a cost-effective manner.

About The MILES Challenge:

The MILES Challenge was launched by Amplus in association with Go Massive Earth Network, an angel investor forum focused on sustainability. Amplus has committed to supporting the winners of The MILES Challenge through seed capital that will help them scale up. Ernst & Young LLP are the Process Advisors for the event.

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