Go Solar Group Enters New Mexico Residential Solar Market


Salt Lake City-headquartered residential solar company, Go Solar Group, has announced its official expansion to New Mexico’s residential solar market.


In addition to helping New Mexico homeowners save thousands of dollars on electric bills, Go Solar Group offers customers a unique opportunity, free of charge, to support the expansion of clean solar power to families overseas. Founded as a humanitarian venture, Go Solar Group finances a home solar array for a family in Uganda each time it installs a solar array in the U.S., reducing the families’ use of toxic, dangerous kerosene lanterns and providing thousands of hours of safe, clean study light for African children. Since the company’s founding, Go Solar Group has since built a solar-powered boarding school with a headmaster and teachers via its GiveSolar Program. 


“As an entrant to the New Mexico market, we’re excited to educate homeowners on the positive impact residential solar has not just in terms of savings on power bills over the 40+year lifespan of their systems, but also what it can do for their energy independence, which is more important now than ever in the wake of 2020’s pandemic,” says Scott Cramer, President and Co-founder of Go Solar Group. “With Titan Solar Power serving as our installation partner, we’re excited to help change the renewable energy landscape in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe Metropolitan area with our dynamic solar product suite, which lets us stave off the additional costs of solar for homeowners given the new federal tax credit rate of 26 percent,” Cramer continues. Go Solar Group’s expansion into New Mexico comes at an opportune time for the area’s residents. Residential customers in New Mexico already pay the 20th highest electrical rates in the country, and costs continue to rise faster than inflation, gaining 3.7 percent in the 12 months ended last January (01/2021), according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. As a solar installer deeply committed to educating New Mexico homeowners, the company has already published a New Mexico Periodic Table of Solar Elements.

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New Mexico is one of the best places in the country to go solar. The state has the third-highest amount of direct sunlight among the 50 states, according to federal data. Its homeowners also enjoy some of the best solar incentives in the country, including federal and state tax credits, a property-tax exemption and an energy credit from PNM, the state’s energy utility. Go Solar Group also brings deep expertise and integrity to each installation. A typical residential solar array costs $2.70 per watt. Go Solar Group is excited to help homeowners arrange zero-down financing, and savings on monthly energy bills start immediately. Go Solar Group customers can close that gap even more quickly by participating in the company’s SunShare Customer Referral Program, which pays $500 for every referral of a new customer who installs a solar array.

Go Solar Group is a New Mexico Solar Company. Founded in 2009 to provide solar power to families in Africa, and to expand its benefits to off-the-grid areas in Uganda and Zambia. While remaining true to its philanthropic mission, Go Solar Group has since become a leading provider of top-quality, affordable solar service to homeowners in the Western U.S.

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