“Solarsol is The Only All In One Solar Lighting Manufacturer In Egypt And Maybe In Middle East With The Best Reputation Of 10 Years Guarantee”: Ayman Rasekh, Chairman – CEO, SolarSol


SolarQuarter MiddleEast interviewed Mr. Ayman Rasekh –  Chairman, CEO, SolarSol and got some insights on the services provided by SOLARSOL in Egypt. He also told us about the smart technologies being adopted in the region along with the growth outlook and SOLARSOL’s future expansion plans.


1. Please tell the readers about the services SOLARSOL provides in solar Energy space.

SOLARSOL is the only all in one solar lighting manufacturer in Egypt and maybe in MEA with the best reputation of 10 years guarantee. Also, SOLARSOL is one of the 20 best fortune companies out of 400 working as EPC for PV rooftops. SOLARSOL executed over 150 rooftop projects for different market segments. Also, we are the sole representative and distributor for HT-SAAE, a Chinese state owned company for PV modules manufacturing. Also, soon we will be manufacturing and assembling our unique solution for E-cars charging.


2. What are the current challenges and opportunities especially in the rooftop solar sector in the Middle East? 

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The major challenges are : 

  • Funds to facilitate grants and long term loans,
  • Governmental tariffs and mandates, and
  • Regional awareness campaigns and collaboration. 

How can the challenges be faced? 

  • Alliances between all countries to open borders for generating electricity of large solar farms (MEA solar hub). 
  • Regional collaboration in putting common mandates, schedules to reach 30% and business plans on how to reach it, not only conference speeches and promises. 
  • Eliminating any taxes on net-metering, and adding tariffs or tax rebates for self consumption.  

3. What are some smart technologies being adopted in the Solar sector in the Middle East region? 

Although it takes a little bit longer to adopt any new technology in ME than Europe, I can see a big transition in ME in terms of digitalization, IOT, and robotic solutions for O&M.

4. Solar sector is constantly evolving with time. Is there anything that you are looking forward to in the next few years? 

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Couple of things:

  • All the regions are reaching 30% renewable energy! 
  • And all stakeholders are growing very fast such that the ME solar sector becomes one of the biggest sectors helping in decreasing unemployment. 

5. How do you see your company contributing to the clean energy sector in the Middle East in the next couple of years? 

In the next couple of years, we will be expanding our factories, increasing our products, and absolutely adding as many PV rooftop projects as we can. Also, assisting in adding new funds and investors, and negotiating with the governments such that we undertake the upliftment and maturity of the solar sector development.

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