Jinkosolar Launches New Tiger Pro Modules With High-power And Ultra-efficiency For The Distribution Market.”


    New Tiger Pro Modules for Distribution Market


    JinkoSolar launches new Tiger Pro modules with high-power and ultra-efficiency for the distribution market. The new module is based on Tiger Pro 182mm with a 54 cell design that delivers a maximum power of 415W and an ultra-efficiency of 21.3%.

    More User-friendly Module Size and Weight Design


    Size and weight of Tiger Pro modules are designed to be suitable for the height and arm length of installers as well as the rooftop size, to be more user-friendly. Therefore, the module can better meet the market demand in terms of installation, manual handling, and transportation compared with conventional modules.


    Best Warranty of the Industry

    JinkoSolar Tiger Pro Series offers the industry’s best 15-year product warranty and 25-year linear warranty. The degradation is 2% in the first year, and the maximum annual degradation is 0.55% from the second year to the 25th year.

    Superior Mechanical Load Safety and Reliability

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    With upgraded module materials and optimized process design, Tiger Pro modules provide superior mechanical load safety and reliability. Excellent mechanical load performance makes the module suitable for installation in high snow/wind load areas.

    Wide Variety of Application Scenarios

    Thanks to its improved size design, higher module power and higher conversion efficiency, Tiger Pro Modules Series can provide customers with lower LCOE and long-term reliable power generation for a wide variety of distributed scenarios, from industrial and commercial rooftops to residential needs. Tiger Pro module will meet the need of most residential customers with its small size and elegant appearance and will become the best PV module choice in the residential market.

    JinkoSolar has been leading the industry through the strength of its continuous R&D and innovation, reliable production and quality as well as outstanding customer service. The company will provide optimized renewable energy solutions for global customers to help all industries to achieve carbon neutrality.

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