Queensland Invests In A Clean Recovery

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Queensland has upped the ante in its clean energy ambitions by earmarking $2 billion for investment in renewable energy and hydrogen development.


With some of the best renewable energy and mineral resources on the planet, skilled workforces in the energy and resources sectors, and established energy trade links with Asia, the state is ideally placed to lean into the clean energy transition.


Many countries worldwide have recognised the opportunity to leverage their economic recovery packages to support decarbonisation efforts. The Clean Energy Council welcomes the Palaszczuk Government’s substantial commitment to invest in a clean recovery.


The private sector is committed to working in partnership with the Queensland Government and its state-owned energy corporations to deliver the next generation of renewable energy assets to power the state.

The Clean Energy Council looks forward to further details of how this substantial funding will be used to deliver on Queensland’s renewable energy and hydrogen goals and create more clean energy jobs in the state.

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