India Urges G20 Nations to Cut Down Per Capita Emissions to Global Average by 2030


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India has urged the G20 countries to bring down per capita emissions to the global average by 2030. Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav led the Indian delegation in the two-day environment ministerial meet at the 16th G20 Summit held in Naples, Italy.


The target of reducing emissions to net zero by mid-century, proposed by some countries, will not be adequate in view of the fast-depleting global carbon space, India said in its official statement at the G20 energy and climate joint ministerial meeting, even as it urged the group of 20 developed nations (G20) with per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions above the world average to reduce the levels by 2030.


“We should not be shifting goalposts and setting new benchmarks for global climate ambition,” said Yadav. “The momentum of climate action can only be accelerated when there is enough support through means of implementation including finance and technology,” he added.

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“India’s disappointment with the shortfall in climate finance is understandable. Recent emphasis on net zero targets to stay within 1.5°C warming may also feel like shifting of negotiating goalposts. But recent events have shown that even small degrees of average global warming can lead to dangerous heat waves, floods, and cyclones.

For India, scaling up renewable energy and nature-based solutions can bring new jobs and better health, but much depends on clean technology partnerships for industrial production,” said Ulka Kelkar, director of the climate programme at the World Resources Institute, India.

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