Huawei Pakistan and Enertech Kuwait Signed MoU To Promote The Development Of Eco-Friendly Smart Tourist Destinations and Solar Power Plants


Enertech Holding Company Kuwait aims to develop an Eco-Friendly Smart Destination and 500 MW of Solar Power Plants in Pakistan to promote the tourism and renewable energy sectors of Pakistan, in partnership with Huawei Technologies Pakistan (PVT) Ltd. Huawei will be the leading technology partner and will support Enertech for this bigger development goal. The Memorandum of Understanding (‘MoU’) for this cooperation was signed between the two organizations on 19th July 2021 at Lahore.


The projects of Smart Tourist Destinations should be developed with livability, affordability, sustainability, and a resilient approach. ICT technologies can play a vital role in integrating businesses and people’s lifestyles through user-and-eco-friendly smart city services and solutions. Therefore, smart city development will be a key component of the future construction, tourism and renewable energy sectors of Pakistan.


Both organizations aim to form long-term cooperation on smart and safe tourism destination development across architectural planning and construction execution phases by harnessing key technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI, IoT, Data Center Facility & Solutions, Intelligent Security solutions, Smart PV Solutions, etc.

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The goal of this MoU is to build: 1.) a state-of-the-art smart destination to attract citizens and tourists from the rest of the world and Pakistan, and 2.) establish a partnership for renewable solar power plant development.

The use of key smart city services and ICT infrastructure solutions development in such projects would enable the development of local innovation ecosystem, nurture Talent, co-create digital experiences, and empower self-sustainable cost-effective energy solutions.

On this occasion Mr. Gaoweijie, Managing Director of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Pakistan spoke to the audience and said, “The digital economy has become the new engine of economic growth around the world, especially in the post-Covid era. Technologies like AI, cloud, 5G and IoT have helped to keep the fabric of our society together, AI makes urban development “more efficient, innovative and sustainable,” which enhances the city’s perception, supports quick decision-making and enables faster execution. In the future, smart cities need to pursue sustainable targets such as renewable energy, digital inclusion, quality of life and safety of citizens and tourists. Huawei has global business operations, so the partnership and cooperation with EnerTech not only in Pakistan but also in the wider Middle East region will be achievable for both of us.”

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CEO Enertech Pakistan, Mr. Yasser Malik also concurred, “Enertech is developing multiple projects in Pakistan including water processing and supply, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. EnerTech always adopts state-of-the-art technology for each project as the key goal. Huawei always has a proactive approach to support its partners and provides creative and innovative solutions. The projects relating to smart city development and EnerTech’s solar power plants will lay the foundation for a long-term partnership with Huawei. Enertech is looking to develop multiple projects in close conjunction with Huawei, through a strategic partnership enabling long-term collaboration for sustainable development which integrates Huawei’s renewable energy products and project optimization expertise.”

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