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Rajasthan Gets Rs 105000 Crores Investments During Investor Connect Programme; JSW, Greenko, Adani announce commitments

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Rajasthan gets Rs 105000 crores investments during ‘Investors Connect Programme’ which was held in Gujarat and next summit happening is ‘Invest Rajasthan’. The government signed around 12 MoUs of Rs 41590 crores and 28 letters of intent (LoIs) of Rs 64110 crores with several companies of the country.

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Rajasthan Health and Excise Minister Parsadi Lal Meena, said, “I am glad that companies have shown interest in making investments in Rajasthan. In total, we have signed MoUs and LoIs having investment commitments worth Rs 1,05,000 crore. I welcome you all to attend our ‘Invest Rajasthan’ summit, to be held in Jaipur on January 24 and 25 next year.”

So far the state has managed to attract Rs 305000 crores worth investment which includes an investment of 40000 crores from Dubai and Rs 105000 crores from Gujarat.

“We are also in talks with ceramic industry players of Morbi in Gujarat and urged them to invest in Rajasthan, as key raw materials come from Rajasthan only. Things will fall in place once we get a gas pipeline, as the ceramic industry uses gas as fuel. We are trying to attract ceramic players there” said Meena.

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“WHO has said that Omicron does not pose any danger. Apart from Rajasthan, cases of this variant have emerged in other states too, such as Gujarat and Maharashtra. But, there is no need to panic. It is a weak variant. No one has died anywhere in the world so far because of this variant,” added Meena.

State government also received Rs 1.94 lakh crores of investment from ‘Invest Rajasthan Roadshow’ which was held in Mumbai. This included Rs 127459 crores of MoUs and Rs 67379 crores of LoIs.

JSW Future Energy will invest Rs 40000 crores and set up 10000 MW of renewable energy project in Jaisalmer. Greenko Energies will invest Rs 30000 crores for renewable energy projects, Vedanta group will invest Rs 33350 crores and Adani Green Energy will invest Rs 20000 crores for setting up 4000 MW RE project in Barmer, Jalore, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur.

Commerce and Industries Minister Shakuntala Rawat, said, “Rajasthan is the largest state of India and it is full of all kinds of natural resources. It has an adequate power supply, water resources, roads, and other necessary infrastructure facilities that are connecting the neighboring states and with closer proximity to the country’s capital.”

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