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Solar Lift Irrigation System To Be Used In Jharkhand


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According to a top official, in the field of agriculture, lift irrigation schemes that are based on renewable energy will be a game-changer in Jharkhand. In the lift irrigation process, water is transported against the gravity with pumps or by using surge pools and then is transported to the required location or at the place it will be used.

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The government has launched various schemes to boost lift irrigation systems and the field of agriculture. Lift irrigation is mainly focused on farmers who are unable to afford diesel pumps.

Agriculture Secretary, Abu Bakar Siddiqui, said, “Utilising renewable energy projects for irrigation will help in creating a thriving agro-based economy. Looking at projects implemented by the Simdega district administration and listening to farmers’ experiences, solar-based lift irrigation can be a game-changer for farmers across the state. And, soon we will implement this project across the state.”

Solar energy-based lift irrigation system is already developed and is assisting farmers in Simdega. 1 solar lift irrigation system can irrigate 10 acres of land. 250 plus solar-based irrigation schemes are currently implemented in the state and 175 schemes will be added soon.

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