Masdar, EDF Renewables, Tuas Power, And PT Indonesia Power Signs MoU


Tuas Power, EDF Renewables, PT Indonesia Power, and Masdar sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop clean energy in Indonesia and will export that to Singapore. This partnership will develop 1.2 GW of solar photovoltaic capacity with the required storage system.


EDF Renewables is the global renewable energy affiliate of the Group. It is present in 20+ countries, under the brand EDF Renewables, the company develops, builds, and operates renewable power plants.


Incorporated in March 1995, Tuas Power is one of Singapore’s leading power generation companies and a key provider of energy solutions, multi-utilities, and environmental services.


Jiang Hanbin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tuas Power, said, “We are happy to be part of this consortium to bring renewable energy from Indonesia to Singapore. Tuas Power is one of Singapore’s leading energy solutions providers, and we believe in partnering with like-minded companies like Masdar, Indonesia Power, and EDF Renewables to advance into a new energy landscape. With Tuas Power’s ideal location for power imports and skilled workforce, and our parent company, Huaneng Power International’s expertise in large scale renewable projects, we are confident this will be a worthy investment for all.”

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Ahsin Sidqi, President Director of PT Indonesia Power, said, “IP, which is a key subsidiary of PLN, the sovereign utility of Indonesia, is an essential partner for the power export in Indonesia and we look forward to developing the renewable energy sector even further thanks to this new strategic agreement. Our knowledge and expertise in the field will hopefully contribute in a fruitful way to global and regional sustainability and we are confident in the skills that all parties bring to the table.”

Yalim Ozilhan, Southeast Asia Director of EDF Renewables, said, “We are delighted to be a part of this landmark project together with such competent and reputable entities in the energy field including Masdar as our strategic partner. Our parent company, EDF, will be leading the development of the subsea cable project for power export purposes. This project will expand our presence in the region even further, following on from our current activities in Vietnam and Indonesia. Such efforts are crucial if we are to collectively increase renewable energy capacity around the world and we are committed to playing our part.”

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Abdulla Salem AlDhaheri, UAE Ambassador to Indonesia and the ASEAN, said, “The UAE is keen on collaborating with countries in Asia to help them on their energy transitions and to meet climate objectives. Indonesia holds tremendous potential for renewable energy and Masdar is already supporting the development of the nation’s renewable energy sector. We look forward to also being able to support Singapore on its clean energy objectives.”

Jamal Abdulla AlSuwaidi, UAE Ambassador to Singapore, said, “Singapore has recognized the need to diversify its energy mix, and is looking to other nations to help it on its clean energy journey. We welcome the opportunity to support Singapore’s energy objectives, and to strengthen the bonds between the UAE, Indonesia, and Singapore, as our nations work together to tackle climate change.”

In 2020, PT Indonesia Power through its subsidiary which is engaged in the development of New Renewable Energy (EBT), PT Indo Tenaga Hijau developed a Rooftop Solar Power Plant which was built in the generation unit of PT Indonesia Power. 

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Singapore plans to generate one-third of its energy from low-carbon electricity imports, renewable sources, natural gas by 2035. The country is working to reduce the carbon emissions produced from fossil fuels.

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