Featuring The Top Solar Data Analytics Company of 2021 – GreenPowerMonitor


GreenPowerMonitor accelerates the green energy transition through advanced analytics


DNV’s 2021 Energy Transition Outlook report forecasts that by 2050, solar and wind will represent 69% of grid-connected power generation, and fossil power just 13%. Connectivity, storage, and demand response will be critical assets in the decarbonized power system.


The world’s commitment to speeding up the energy transition is increasing, and digitalization is going to play a key role. The path that GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) has designed will be shaped by advanced analytics, with greater emphasis on the future growth of its digital twins, WindGEMINI and SolarGEMINI, management, monitoring, and control solutions for renewable energy assets.


Recently, GPM acquired PEAK, a PV analytics technology platform from Alteso, to reinforce its strategy. PEAK’s special algorithm, including machine learning for exploring big data, will be integrated into GPM’s platform. According to CEO, Juan Carlos Arévalo “Fact-based insights are needed to accelerate the much-needed green energy transition and realize deep decarbonization of the energy industry”.

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Moreover, GPM has created a renewables optimization team, a brand-new unit focusing on digitalization and innovation. This unit will be closely liaising with DNV advisory energy experts and customers to create digital solutions that will become part of GPM’s future software offering. 

The aim of GPM is to combine its deep domain expertise in wind, solar, storage, and grid integration, with the unlimited potential of digitalization and machine learning to produce trustworthy actionable insights, enabling the best-in-class operational performance of its customers’ assets.

Furthermore, it is worthy to stress that is key to having a reliable, flexible, and robust control and monitoring system onsite (SCADA & PPC) to ensure data quality and avoid data gaps. GPM offers complete one-central-solution for Solar PV, Wind Power, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and RE hybrid assets providing the following solutions:

  • Data acquisition
  • SCADA in-Plant Controller + Remote monitoring
  • Power Plant Controller + Grid Integration (models & simulation)
  • Central Monitoring and Asset Management Systems (CMAMS) + Advanced Analytics

Overall, GPM provides data-driven digital solutions for control, monitoring, and data management for different players in the renewable energy industry. Its customer-centricity mindset is key to developing cutting-edge monitoring solutions designed for current and future customer demands.

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