NTPC Issues Tender To Explore Canal-top, Floating Solar Feasibility In Tanda


To perform site assessments in order to investigate the feasibility of developing solar photovoltaic (PV) projects at its Tanda Thermal Power Project in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, state-owned power producer NTPC Limited has requested bids from consulting firms. 


The deadline for proposals is March 4, 2022, and bids will be disclosed on the same day.


The scope of work comprises a site survey report, a budgetary offer with full measurements of the acceptable accessible area, erection methods for all areas, a sun-path diagram, civil drawings in GAD (general arrangement drawing), optimal solar potential, and an investment payback time. 


Within one month after the effective date, the survey report shall be completed.

Furthermore, the chosen firm will have to offer consultation services for elevated-module mounting solar at the Link Road-River Bank Road, canal-top solar at the cooling water outlet channels, and floating solar at the Makeup Pump House Reservoirs 1 and 2 at NTPC Tanda.

To take part in the bidding process, applicants should present 3 fiscal years’ balance sheets along with profit and loss statements verified by a qualified accountant. Else, they must provide audited financial statements for the previous 3 years.

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If the necessary earnest money deposit amount exceeds Rs 50,000, interested bidders must submit a bank guarantee from any of the banks listed in the bidding materials. However, the selected firm must present a performance bank guarantee equal to 10% of the contract amount.

Bidders must provide papers such as copies of the letter of award, contracts, purchase orders, and certifications from customers in order to effectively execute the assignment with value and time frame. 

They should also specify the quantity and timeline for the machinery, and the types of equipment that will be used for the work under this contract. 

If the lower bid (L1) price is not from a local supplier, the tender document states that the lowest assessed bidder among the local suppliers will be requested to meet the L1 price, provided that the local supplier’s evaluated bid price is within the range of purchasing criteria.

If the L1 price does not come from a micro and small business (MSE), the lowest evaluated bidders from among the MSEs will be requested to match the L1 price, subject to the MSE’s bid price falling within 15% of the L1 price. The contract value will be granted to such MSE if the L1 price is met.

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