TrinaTracker Engineering and Services Empower an Efficient Augusto Solar Plant


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The 50MW Augusto solar plant in the municipality of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain features 127,980 bifacial solar panels and 1,573 Trina trackers. Constructed by Tozzi Sud SPA and owned by ENEL GREEN POWER SL, the project produces around 100,45 GWh per year, which equals the annual energy consumption of towns like Merida and Almendralejo.


TrinaTracker offers excellent engineering services, an outstanding supply chain and reliable quality assurance and supervision. With its expertise and innovation, TrinaTracker helps develop a smart and highly-efficient Augusto solar plant.

The main challenge facing the Augusto solar plant is layout design, as the site is located partially on high slopes. TrinaTracker leveraged its expertise and worked closely with the customer and engineering team on the design and modification of trackers (inner/outer/long/short) for improved adaptation and risk avoidance.

Since grid connection in December 2020, TrinaTracker products have shown excellent performance at the solar plant, receiving high praise from the plant owner.

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