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TEDA to Install Solar System On Govt Office Rooftops to Generate 10 MW of Power


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In order to produce 10 MW of electricity, the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority (TEDA) will install solar panels on roofs of government offices buildings.

The project’s estimated cost is 50 crore. The tender process will end by May.

Officials at TEDA claim that one kilowatt of solar panels will cost Rs 45,000 and produce 5 units of electricity.

The TEDA has installed solar panels in 330 schools, universities, and other local bodies throughout the state. Its total installed capacity is 1.5 MW.

It submitted an already-submitted proposal to the government for a common policy to install solar panels on the roofs of government buildings.

In its proposal to government, the authority mentioned that some government departments are hesitant to install solar panels on rooftops because of lack of funds. The government should fund these departments.

IANS was informed by a senior TEDA official that excess power can be linked to the common power grid, and subsidies can be used for solar power. It is necessary to coordinate and plan properly between different departments and officials, and take a political decision.

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Speaking to IANS, Senthil Balaji, Tamil Nadu’s power minister, said that the government supports solar energy and other renewable sources. The power department is currently conducting an in-depth study and due diligence regarding the power generation and linking of excess power to the common grid. We will take into consideration all inputs and make a decision on policy in the coming days.

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