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CERC Orders RUMSL To Have Seperate PPA For Power Procurement During Night Or Non-generation Time


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Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd (RUMSL), a joint venture company of Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikash Nigam Limited (MPUVNL) and Solar Energy Corporation Of India (SECI), awarded 250MW capacity each to three different solar power developers. The projects have connectivity by seperate 220KV lines through a 400/220KV pooling station in Rewa which comes under western regional load dispatch center (WRLDC) jurisdiction. Accordingly, as on date the three solar power developers have commissioned part of the awarded capacity as below figure.

Sl No.Solar Power DeveloperCommissioned Capacity As On Date (MW)Awarded Capacity (MW)
1M/S Athena Jaipur Solar Power Private Ltd150250
2M/S Mahindra Renewable Pvt Ltd200250
3M/S Arisun Clean Energy Pvt Ltd35.7250

Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Ltd (MPPMCL) have submitted petition to CERC about non-payment against power drawl by the solar power developers (SPD) in night time or non-generation time and in case of maintenance or shutdown time.

MPPMCL projected the power drawal by three SPDs would be in tune of 160MU from grid after commissioning of full capacity i.e. 750MW. As on date the scheduling of injecting power is done by CERC’s DSM rule, 2014. There is no provision under CERC DSM rule for drawal of power from grid during non-generation by any solar plant. But Madhya Pradesh commission claim the drawl of power from grid by any solar plant during night time should be treated as per MPERC’s determined charges for energy drawl from grid at HT temporary tariff and KVARh consumption from the grid at 27 Paise/KVARh.

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Respondents for the above petition are given below.

a. Western Regional Load Dispatch Center (WRLDC)

b. M/S Athena Jaipur Solar Power Pvt Ltd

c. M/S Mahindra Renewables Pvt Ltd

d. M/S Arisun Clean Energy Pvt Ltd

As the RUMSL’s CTU-connected 750MW solar power plant is connected with ISTS (inter state transmission system) network, the jurisdiction for power distribution will come under WRLDC. The power purchase/selling between RUMSL and SPD is done according to CERC’s DSM regulation, 2014. Thus as per WRLDC, there is no provision to claim payment for energy drawl at night or non generation time. Rest of the three respondents i.e. SPDs objected the legality of the petition made by madhya pradesh commission.

After analyzing all inputs from petitioner and respondents, CERC ordered in three different pointers.

Pointer a: Whether there exists any framework in the Regulations of CERC to deal with a situation where the solar projects, post commissioning, draw power during non-generation night hours and during shutdown periods without providing any drawl schedule?

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Pointer b. If not, whether there is any need for formulating tariff and other treatments to take care of such power drawn by the solar projects during non-generation night hours and during shutdown periods?

Commission’s analysis :

As regards the need for formatting a tariff structure for power drawl at night time by SPDs, commission insist of the provision of clause (3) of regulation 8, CERC (DSM & related matters) regulation 2022.

The provision read as under :

(a) The charges for deviation for injection of infirm power shall be zero.
(b) The charges for deviation for drawl of start-up power before COD of a generating
unit or for drawl of power to run the auxiliaries during shut-down of a generating
station shall be payable at the normal rate of charges for deviation.

Thus by creating a disincentive in the form of zero payment for injection of infirm power and a deterrent in the form of liability to pay DSM Charges in the event of drawl of start-up power/power for auxiliaries during shut-down condition, Commission wants such generators to enter into contracts which can be scheduled.

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Pointer C. Whether the Petitioner be allowed to bill the solar projects towards power drawn during non-generation night hours and during shutdown periods or during any emergencies including their repair and maintenance, etc. as per the MPERC Regulations,2010; or whether WRLDC should continue to bill the solar projects as per the DSM Regulations, 2014?

Commission’s analysis :

In the absence of any power purchase agreement between DISCOM and SPDs for power drawl in night time, petitioner’s claim to raise bill for night time power drawl from grid is rejected.

Further commission ordered the SPDs to have separate power purchase agreement between state DISCOM or any other entity to procure power in open access mode. Until then, WRLDC will continue to raise bill as per present methodology of DSM regulation, 2014.

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