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Hindustan Salts Invites Bids For 1 GW Solar Power Projects Development In Gujarat


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Hindustan Salts has requested proposals for the development of 1 GW of solar installations at Kharaghoda in Gujarat’s Surendranagar district.


Earlier, in 2021 the firm had requested expressions of interest for the 1 GW project. Based on the overwhelming response, Hindustan Salt has decided to accept online bids for the project’s development.

May 30, 2022, is the last day for proposal submissions and bids will be opened on the next day. This tender does not permit the participation of joint ventures or consortiums.

The contract will be valid for 25 years from the date of issuance of the acceptance letter.

The energy generated by the projects will be sold in the open market. The income earned will be split with Hindustan Salts as fixed yearly rates for using the company’s resources, which include around 5000 acres of land (considering a minimum of 4 to 5 acres per MW is required to set up solar projects). 

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The winning bidder must pay Hindustan salts, the price specified in the tender document for the land. If the successful bidder does not make the payment on time, a penalty of 0.1 percent each day of the performance security, up to a maximum of 10 percent, will be assessed on the due amount.

As an earnest money deposit, bidders shall submit a sum equal to Rs 1.1 million. Additionally, the selected bidder would be required to provide a security deposit of Rs 125 million.

The selected bidder should assume full responsibility for the whole electrical, civil, mechanical, and other associated works, including the installation, transportation, storage, supply, testing, and commissioning of all machinery, plant, and equipment.

In order to participate in the bidding process, applicants must have previous expertise in constructing and implementing solar projects. They must have constructed and commissioned at least one grid-connected solar power plant at a single site with a capacity of at least 100 MW power evacuation in the previous 5 years, at least 6 months before the bid opening date.

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Bidders must have a minimum average annual turnover of Rs 10 billion over the last 3 fiscal years, as well as a positive net worth as of the final day of the preceding fiscal year.

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