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TrinaTracker Introduces SuperTrack, A Smart Tracker Control System That Raises Power Production 3% to 8%


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TrinaTracker is a leader in tracker solutions and launches SuperTrack. Vanguard 1P tracker was displayed at the Intersolar Europe Exhibition, Munich.


SuperTrack has a Smart Tracking algorithm which increases energy production by 3% to 8% over the traditional tracking algorithms. SuperTrack intelligent tracking uses Smart Tracking (STA), Smart Backtracking (SBA) algorithms to increase energy production during overcast conditions, high irradiance, and complex, uneven terrains.

STA optimizes the power production of bifacial modules under highly diffuse irradiance conditions, taking into account the 12 parameters in the Trina Bifacial Irradiation Model. This means that STA provides more information than can be obtained from the four parameters of astronomical algorithms. STA also reduces tracker rotation times and extends the motors’ durability.

SBA reduces energy loss due to row-to-row shading of PV plants located in terrains with multiple slopes. UAV sensing technology is used to simulate three-dimensional terrains and shadings. A machine learning algorithm and Mini-Shading proprietary modeling determine the best backtracking angle.

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SuperTrack smart controls system also includes snow sensors and pyranometers, data which is shared among NCUs. The trackers are able to continue producing high levels of energy even if a sensor goes down. SupeTrack integrates protection strategies that are responsive to extreme weather conditions.

SuperTrack software allows monitoring and control. It has a user-friendly interface, which displays the target tracker, real angles, batteries and TCU and NCU monitoring. There is also an alarm system with data storage, recording and real-time meteorological information, and SuperTrack parameters.

Jose Carlos Talavera was the Head of Project Fulfilment for TrinaTracker and Global Customer Services. He stated that SuperTrack is a control monitoring system that, when integrated into our TrinaTracker solution portfolio, will extraordinarily increase our client’s return-on-investment by increasing their energy production by 3% to 8%. TrinaTracker has created an artificially intelligent solution that is far more efficient than the conventional tracker applications. This is a significant milestone for the PV industry.

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TrinaTracker clients know the value of using SuperTrack smart controls in their PV installations. The Tongchuan PV Plant has shown an increase in power generation of 3.06% annually.

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