Our Monitoring Solution Leverages Data Intelligence Of Energy Assets To Bring Knowledge To The System And Solar Energy Production: Beatrice Foscoli, APAC Sales Manager, Elum Energy

Beatrice Foscoli

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Beatrice Foscoli is an Energy Engineer with international experience specialized in Renewable Energy. After working at Tesla, she joined Elum Energy as the APAC Sales Manager to lead the market entry and the development of the business of control & monitoring solutions in the region. 


Please brief our readers about the products and services of your esteemed company.


Elum Energy is an energy and automation company that supplies monitoring and control solutions for solar standard & hybrid energy systems. Our energy management systems (ePowerControl) are turn-key, plug & play, brand-agnostic, and suitable for solar power generation facilities coupled with diesel generators and/or energy storage. Elum also provides a SCADA platform (cloud-based ePowerMonitor or local with ePowerControl SCADA) designed for Asset Managers and O&M teams to report and improve the performance of energy sites through data intelligence. Currently, over 500 sites in more than 40 countries are already equipped with Elum’s solutions. 

What solutions are provided by ELUM Energy specifically for Solar Hybrid Microgrid applications?

Elum ePowerControl ES is a 100% standardized energy management system dedicated to battery storage systems (BESS) eventually coupled with other energy sources such as PV or diesel generators. It aims to standardize as much as possible the BESS management for small/medium-scale applications, providing a smart, plug & play, and cost-effective control solution. Through an advanced control algorithm, allows the installer to select the suited battery charging strategy allowing him to maximize PV penetration and battery bank life, and reduce diesel fuel costs. It helped, for instance, an off-grid resort in Malaysia to meet specific load needs related to the peak and off-peak seasons. – Elum ePowerControl MC is a microgrid controller (energy management system) and monitoring system (SCADA) dedicated to islanded and poor-grid hybrid energy systems integrating PV plants, battery storage systems (BESS), and diesel generators. When selecting this premium product, our clients benefit from personalized support with a dedicated project manager to build with them after a need analysis of a custom solution adapted to the complexity of their installation. This product is well suited for large sites that require specific control logic because of their sizing, geography, or end-client constraints. For example, a water bottling facility in Cambodia has selected Elum’s ePowerControl MC to ease the solar battery integration with the existing infrastructure and to maximize the solar penetration on the site. 

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What are some of the major advantages of having good quality solar monitoring systems? What are some of your products offered in this category?

Good quality solar monitoring systems such as data-visualization platforms have several advantages: – Gather all the data in one place to manage site performance for Financial asset managers: ease multi-energy / multi-sites supervision with intuitive dashboards, automated reporting, KPI calculation (performance ratio, etc.) – Saving operators’ time and reducing costs for O&M team: good systems include real-time alarms to remotely detect failures and avoid onsite visits, thus operators can take immediate corrective actions – Reaching conformity with DSO or public entities: measurement of energy production can be a requirement for most of the DSO, especially for utility-scale projects. Integrated monitoring solutions can also have an economic advantage in regions where it is logistically difficult to control and access the assets, such as in the southeast Asian area, due to adverse climate events and site remoteness. Elum has developed ePowerMonitor, a cloud platform designed to monitor and improve the performance of energy sites. Our solution, available in a standard or advanced version, leverages data intelligence of energy assets to bring knowledge to the system and solar energy production. 

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Tell us about the adaptability of your products to different utility-scale solutions. 

Regarding the utility-scale solutions, we have developed various PowerPlant Controllers to comply with the different needs of the market. It can be coupled with our monitoring solutions (ePowerMonitor or ePowerControl SCADA) to help O&M teams and asset managers to maximize the profitability of the solar asset and easily report on the plant performance. ● PPC Grid-tied for Solar grid-tied site, our PowerPlant controller can be adapted to grid code regulations and assure active/reactive power management as well as integration with local DSO using utility protocols. ● PPC for Solar Hybrid Sites, in that case, the solar plant is coupled with batteries and/or gensets to power a remote city or island which can be the case in South East Asia. In this particular case, the PowerPlant Controller ensures the good behavior of the plant as per the client’s control logic specification. The PPC maximizes solar penetration while reducing fossil fuel consumption. 

What are your growth plans and strategies for 2022?

2022 is a crucial year for Elum and Asia-Pacific is key in Elum’s goal plan, as we have already experienced good traction for our products! In fact, despite the global crisis situation, we have managed to open new markets in several countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand in less than a year. In order to be closer to our customers, we have decided to invest in our customer service department by having more agents located in the APAC region to cover larger time zones and we are looking to open a local office in Q4 in another APAC country that will be revealed in a few months. Regarding the products, we launched recently (Q1 2022) the ePowerControl ES (Energy Storage controller) to tackle the small-scale to mid-scale energy storage systems market that is developing fast in the APAC region. Our approach here is to give a full compact and competitive product to help develop the behind-the-meter storage market as most of the EPC are shifting from Solar only solutions to Solar + Storage solutions in their offerings. Given the surge of oil and gas prices, we will accelerate as well the development of a controller that will couple Solar and EV chargers (Q3 2022) in order to propose standard solutions for this booming market and contribute to fossil-free transportation in the APAC region. Finally, ePowerMonitor, Elum’s monitoring platform, will be reshaped with the launch of the mobile app programmed for Q4 2022.

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