Aldo Solar Join Hands with JinkoSolar for Distribution of 600 MW N-type Tiger Neo Modules


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JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of solar modules in the world, announced today that Jinko Solar Co. Ltd., its principal operating subsidiary, has signed a new distribution deal in Latin America with Aldo Solar. Aldo Solar is the largest distributor of solar energy solutions for the country, with an approximate 30% market share in the Distributed Generation segment. The new N-Type ultra efficient photovoltaic Tiger Neo modules will be brought to market by JinkoSolar.


The companies announced at the end of last-year that they had signed the largest distribution agreement for Distributed Generation Jinko Solar Co. Ltd. outside of China.

This agreement with Aldo Solar now makes Brazil the first Latin American market to have JinkoSolar’s N-type photovoltaic module. It also marks the signature of the largest worldwide contract for distribution of N-type ultra efficient photovoltaic modules.

This agreement will allow distribution of approximately 600 MW of power from Tiger Neo families. Aldo Solar will be selling the new panels for pre-sale beginning in July.

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“The global photovoltaic industry is moving at an unprecedented pace”. Kangping Chen, CEO, Jinko Solar Co., Ltd., stated that the need to address multiple electricity application scenarios, as well as the urgent need for industries and governments to transform energy, have increased the demand for solar energy.

Alberto Cuter is the General Manager of JinkoSolar Italy and Latin America. He said, “JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo represents the state-of the art innovation in the solar sector and we are proud Aldo Solar, with their pioneering spirit, relevance and market knowledge, chose this product to distribute to their distributios business. This demonstrates Aldo Solar’s commitment to offering the best technology to Brazil. This partnership between two of the most important players on the Brazilian market is exciting.”

Aldo Solar founder and CEO Aldo Teixeira stated that “from our first deal with JinkoSolar, to a long-term partner, we seek to deliver to the market innovative and disruptive solar panels.” The new N-type line of photovoltaic panels is sure to revolutionize the market. It will offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution for consumers.

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I’m certain that it will become the most popular panel technology in the next two to three years. JinkoSolar, our installers and resellers, would like to express their gratitude. Aldo Solar CEO, Aldo Solar, says that this partnership will allow us to expand solar energy and provide surprising prices for all Brazilians.

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