Rooftop Solar To Pay Major Role in Achieving 500 GW Non-fossil by 2030: Union Minister Khuba


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According to Bhagwant Khuba, Union Minister of Karnataka state for New and Renewable Energy, rooftop solar will be a key part in reaching the goal of 500 GW non-fossil energy by 2030.


“The Ministry for New and Renewable Energy, (MNRE), is working towards reaching the target of 500 GW non-fossil energy by 2030,” said Minister. At the Pan-India Rooftop Solar Awareness Campaign launch, Minister Narendra Modi stated that rooftop solar would play a major role. According to the Khuba, the campaign will mobilize local government, citizens and Residents’ Welfare Associations in order to increase awareness about solar rooftop.

Minister was positive that Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities would offer the greatest potential to achieve this goal.

He said that Karnataka alone has 1 GW rooftop solar potential.

Khuba stated that the MNRE provides 40% subsidy to households for solar installation. He encouraged people to use subsidy from the central government to put up rooftop solar units.

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He informed the audience that he had placed an order for rooftop solar to be installed at his home in Bidar.

No big idea will succeed without the support of people. Khuba stated that rooftop solar offers the opportunity for the common man to contribute to containing global warming and climate change.

V Sunil Kumar, Karnataka Energy Minister, shared his knowledge about the government’s renewable energy plans. He also urged farmers to utilise the benefits being offered by MNRE and state government.

This scheme will provide farmers with a 30% subsidy by state and centre to install solar panels.

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