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We Offer Turnkey Solutions That Can Be Uniquely Customized And Designed For Every Client And Their Specific Climate Ambitions: Sachhin Patra, Senior Manager, EKI Energy Services Ltd

Sachhin Patra, Senior Manager, EKI Energy Services Ltd

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How has the year 2022 fared so far for EKI? What have been some recent developments?


The year 2022 has had a promising start and we expect to continue the rigor. This year we announced some key developments with an increased focus on community-based projects as we work towards building a net-zero future. We strengthened our green cooking initiative with an associate company- GHG Reduction Technologies that will manufacture and distribute free improved cookstoves (ICS) in rural homes empowering their kitchens with an efficient cooking alternative. We have also launched a sustainability arm with an increased focus on uniquely customized climate action plans for companies to help them reduce/offset their carbon emission significantly. We also have a partnership with Shell Investments B.V and we are working with them to reduce carbon emissions in India through Nature based Solutions.

Please tell us about the range of services provided by EKI.

We are a one stop destination for sustainable and strategic solutions for climate action. We offer end-to-end management of carbon footprint and climate goals starting from, GHG Inventory mapping, consulting for project registration to a generation of carbon credit, and even purchase credits to help our clients monetize their credits. We offer turnkey solutions that can be uniquely customized and designed for every client and their specific climate ambitions. This holistic approach has enabled us to work with organziations in every sector. We offer strategic solutions

to optimize and eventually reduce the emissions and help them to become carbon neutral.

We offer an exhaustive bouquet of end-to-end climate solutions that enable every business with strategic plans to achieve their climate goals:

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‌❖ Carbon Offset Management – End-to-end management of carbon emissions

Project Registration – Feasibility analysis, determination of annual offsets, work with 3 rd party auditors to register the projects Monitoring & Verification – Monitoring data analysis and verification through 3 rd party auditors for issuance of carbon offsets Issuance – Payment of Issuance fees

Purchase of Offsets – We also guarantee purchase of carbon offsets

❖ Renewable Energy Attributes – ‌End-to-end management of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs)

❖ Community Development Programmes – ‌Sustainable solutions that enable community upliftment Nature based Solutions – ‌Harnessing the power of nature for sustainable solutions

Green Cooking Initiative – Energy efficient ‌free cooking stoves for financially weaker households

❖ Sustainability Services

Climate services – Carbon foot-printing, mitigation plans & solutions to achieve NetZero

ESG Services – ESG performance improvement and reporting as per global frameworks

Green Services – widely accepted green ratings & certifications 

Customized services on Environmental sustainability & resource efficiency improvement

Could you please explain to our readers how Waste Management is the pathway to a sustainable planet?

Scientific management of waste enables numerous benefits to help build a sustainable planet:

1. It helps to mitigate dangerous gases like methane from emitting into the atmosphere because of the anaerobic decomposition of waste in landfills. This ensures a cleaner, safer environment while also reducing the health hazards of breathing these gases.

2. It enables the reduction of waste ending up in landfills which would otherwise pile up and stay on the surface of the earth for years together

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3. Recycling, refurbishing, and reducing wastes also ensures a longer product life cycle that in turn translates into a circular economy. Maximized value of materials that circulate within the economy, minimizes material consumption and prevents waste from being generated.

4. Sustainable and greener environment as well as safety of human health

5. Conservation of natural resources including minerals, water and wood

6. Finally, GHG emission reduction or avoidance, can be monetized with the generation of carbon offsets which can bring in additional revenues that can be further used for other climate/waste management projects

 Tell us about your successful partnership with Indore Municipal Corporation in making Indore a Smart City.

We have a contract from Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL), wherein we offer a comprehensive bouquet of end-to-end consulting services for carbon credit solutions to ISCDL. With this, we enable ISCDL to elevate its aggregator business model through which it offers sustainable solutions to urban and rural governance bodies enabling other smart cities or ULBs to become climate sensitive. We also help ISCDL to monetize its own emission reduction initiatives and realize additional revenues which can be used to support and fund its multiple welfare and developmental initiatives. Consequently, local bodies of other cities who join hands with ISCDL are also able to monetize their climate initiatives.

With the help of EKIESL, ISCDL was able to catalyze environmentally sustainable and financially viable waste management practices. EKIESL enabled the ULB to earn carbon credit from effective waste management and with this additional revenue, the municipal body was able to effectively fund its other welfare projects. We can easily replicate our strategic solutions in other municipal corporations and smart city missions enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and also generate an additional revenue source.

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What can we look forward to from EKI in the next couple of years?

With an aim to contribute significantly to India’s commitment to net-zero by 2070, we at EKIESL have been channeling our efforts to encourage more and more companies to start their climate action journey. We are also working with our existing customers, to widen the scope of their climate action goals toward value creation beyond the reduction of their carbon footprint. We foresee that our efforts will enable India to embark on its developmental aspiration without compromising its leadership position in climate action. As we move forward, we aim to increase our focus on community-based emission reduction interventions for inclusive growth for all, in line with the SDG goals established by the UN.

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