Gautam Solar Crafts Its Niche In The Competitive Indian Solar Market


    Solar module manufacturer Gautam Solar’s story from being a family business to becoming a true pioneer in the production of solar products is a stirring one. Driven by his passion for making solar modules and components in India, founder Mr. BK Mohanka started the company on a rather small scale. Incorporated in 1997, Gautam Solar has a turnover of Rs 200 crore as of 2020. The company is now managed by his son, Mr. Gautam Mohanka, who is a champion of innovation.


    Today, Gautam Solar produces a wide range of solar products, which are developed and produced in India in four different factories. In just 20 years, the company has installed 20 Lacs+ solar systems and has a current manufacturing capacity of 250 MW. Their product range includes solar panels, heaters, lights, pumps, batteries, fans, parts, and components. Gautam solar currently supplies its products to corporate clients and individual buyers and has worked with government organizations time and again to deliver high-end Indian solar components and modules.

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    Under the capable leadership of Mr. Gautam Mohanka, the company now delivers comprehensive solar solutions. Compromising of modules, parts, and components, the company specializes in delivering ideas that convert solar energy into usable electricity for commercial and residential needs. Despite the inflow and demand for cheap Chinese products, Gautam Solar continues to shine and innovate, delivering products that are indigenously produced and reliable. Gautam Solar products are not merely ahead of its competitors but are compatible with one another, which enhances the usage for customers.


    Gautam Solar’s range of products is backed by a 25-year warranty, and given that the company has its factories in Haridwar, India, buyers wouldn’t have to worry about repairs, replacements, components, and parts. The company has successfully completed solar installations across the country and is among the few solar cell makers to minimize imports to produce final products.


    Gautam Solar recently won the Best Technology Innovation at EQ PV Invest-Tech India 2022 for its G-2X Mono crystalline models. These models come with panels that can generate power from both the front and back end of modules, ensuring up to 30% more gains. The company also launched its gel battery, which would address battery backup concerns and is ideal for solar plants, telecom, and rural installations.

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    The company intends to expand its manufacturing capacity to 2.5 GW in the coming years, and with support from the Indian government, it is on the path to revolution. The R&D sector is led by Mr. Gautam Mohanka along with a team of pioneering technocrats.

    Over 40+ products of the company have been ALMM-approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE, Govt. of India) – the highest for any local company in India. Gautam Solar intends to help the Indian sector, which still remains largely untapped and out of the reach of the masses.

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