Iberdrola Starts Up its First Photovoltaic Plant in Italy

Iberdrola Starts Up its First Photovoltaic Plant in Italy

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Iberdrola expands its presence in Italy by building the first photovoltaic plant in Italy, the 23 MW Montalto di Castro in central Lazio. It continues to expand its portfolio in Italy, and the company aims to triple them by 2025.


After the assembly of photovoltaic modules and the construction of substations and other electrical infrastructures are complete, commissioning and connecting the plant to the grid will begin. It will provide enough energy to power more than 12,000 homes, and it will not emit 9,600 tonnes CO2 into the atmosphere when it goes into commercial operation.


The construction phase saw the discovery of archaeological remains from the Etruscan period, along with ceramics, bronze elements, and iron weapons. The materials were transferred to Vulci’s National Archaeological Museum of Vulci thanks to Iberdrola’s cooperation with the Archaeology Authority. This is one of the most important Etruscan locations in Italy.

Iberdrola now has 43 facilities under development totaling 1,500MW. The signing of a partnership agreement with GreenInvest for the development of 17 wind and photovoltaic plants totalling 327MW. Four other projects have been started by the company, totalling 288MW.

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Valerio Faccenda is Chairman of Iberdrola Renewables Italy. He stated: “Iberdrola’s mission in Italy involves contributing, with our financial capacity and expertise, to sustainable, ethical investments. It is our goal to reduce Italy’s dependence on oil and help it avoid the energy crisis. Our plan for Italy envisages significant growth in the renewable workforce, with the incorporation of over 30 professionals”. He stated that the entire Italian team was invited to support Iberdrola and take part in the Group’s exciting projects.


Iberdrola is an Italian supplier of green energy. It has been present in Italy since 2016. Iberdrola has been implementing sustainable solutions to protect the environment for future generations through forward-looking projects.

It is currently one of the most important green electricity traders in the nation, and a leader in energy production and distribution from renewable sources.

The Spanish company is the largest European energy company by market capitalization, and it holds the top spot on the Spanish stock exchange. The company is focused on renewable energy, smart grids, and customer solutions. It operates 22,000 MW of green energy and has investments in 15 European countries. Its main markets are Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Greece, and Italy.

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