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LONGi’s Aim Is To Lead The Market In The Coming Three To Seven Years Period: Yu Bingkun (Melo), Product Director of LONGi MEA & CA

Yu Bingkun (Melo), Product Director of LONGi MEA & CA

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-The high temperature and radiation in the region make MEA the most ideal place for developing the PV industry.
-Our target is to provide the most beneficial product to the market for the advancement of the industry.
-LONGi’s aim is to lead the market in the coming three to seven years period.

How has LONGi’s journey been in the MEA region so far?

In my opinion, devotion, persistence, and cooperation are the three main factors that can help the MEA region to progress ahead. LONGi has always provided a win-win solution to all the participants in this market, whether it is with all our clients or the raw material suppliers. We pay a lot of importance to developing and innovating new technology and therefore, LONGi always invests 5% of its revenue in R&D. Hence, LONGi owns the most efficient technology in the market. And when the timing is right, we bring the latest technologies to benefit all the parties in the best possible way. LONGi wants to provide a win-win solution to all the parties even in the future and moving ahead we want to keep adding value to our clients and be of great benefit to them.

What is your outlook on the evolution of PV technology in the MEA region in the next couple of years?

We all know that the nature of technology is to facilitate the development of the PV industry and bring more renewable energy to the world and make the world as green as it was. Our goal is to achieve a comprehensive solution. Hence, the most important thing is to find a balance between the cost and benefit. The cost is related to mass production and the benefit is to encourage people to continuously invest in the PV industry. Based on these factors LONGi believes that in the coming three years, our new product (yet to be officially launched) and type TopCon will become very popular. When it comes to the MEA region, we all know that it has a very high temperature and intense radiation here. Hence, we will need to be more aggressive in terms of bringing the latest technology to the region. To address this requirement, we have our TopCon line of products and we will also be coming up with our new product soon.

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What are some challenges that you face in the MEA region as a top module manufacturer?

We wish people can realize that the value of a brand from the long-term perspective is determined not just by the price. Though the price is important as it gives you a lifetime warranty and insurance, it is not the only thing. The most important thing is to ensure all the promises from the propaganda are fulfilled. At LONGi, we wish to have a better channel to express this and want to emphasize this point to all of our clients. So for us, that’s the challenge, we need more channels to emphasize this logic to all our clients and to all the end-users to persuade and preserve their trust in our brand.

How can these challenges be overcome in order to make solar technology even more efficient?

Firstly, I think we need more and more partners, especially the marketing promotion partners and other reputable parties to do pilot tests and to enhance the reliability performance. Most importantly, we need to continuously invest in our R&D department. Even though we have all the traditional technologies in the market but still, we need to continuously invest in R&D to fund other potential latent technologies. More and more possibilities should be explored to find if there is any way to do some technology combinations and to do some upgrading to the existing technology in this industry. LONGi’s aim is to lead the market in the coming, three to seven years period. We want our solutions to elicit cooperation with all our partners. And the other thing is, we want to keep continuously investing in our R&D aspect.

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What kind of product from your portfolio has the most potential for the MEA market and why?

Currently, our Hi-Mo 5 series, which is a professional series for utility-scale and HTH series, which is our new product (the detailed specification for the same will be shared soon) for the Distributed Generation market are the best solutions for the MEA region. The high
temperature and radiation in the region make MEA the most ideal place for developing the PV industry. Our Hi-Mo 5 series has the best temperature co-efficient and are custom arranged to provide the best performance in the Bos N series. Also, our new product can save quite a lot in the BOS aspect. Our new product especially has the potential to become a more efficient and overwhelming advantage as it can beat any other current technology in the market. Hence, it is our mission to import this new technology to the market to benefit all our clients and the industry as a whole.

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What is LONGi aiming to achieve in the next couple of years in the region?

The MEA region has the potential to become the biggest market in the world and we want to play a significant role in this journey. Our efforts will always be to provide the most attractive and competitive product to the market to build a greener world. We want to establish the best partnership in this region with not just our clients, but also the marketing partners, the labs, and the suppliers a well. Our target is to provide the most beneficial product to the market for the advancement of the industry. We wish to lead the trend in the PV module technology as well as the promotion & marketing aspect. Our goal is to have a 30% share of this market in the coming three years.

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