LONGi Lifecycle Quality- The Best Bet Against The Uncertainty And Guarantee Of Quality


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    In the current scenario of unprecedented uncertainty, safeguarding developer’s investment, and futureproofing it has emerged as a top priority for investments in solar. LONGi’s Lifecycle Quality address an important gap by securing the customer value and providing a safety net. 


    Based on the company’s brand concept of ‘customer value first’, ‘LONGi Lifecycle Quality’ was established to guarantee that its products perform reliably and efficiently throughout their lifespan, allowing clients to achieve a high return on investment throughout the entire lifecycle of a PV plant.

    Adapting to India’s diverse climatic scenarios

    Operating globally, PV modules find themselves confronted with various climatic challenges, such as hail, storms, heavy snow and high temperatures. LONGi products are designed to withstand challenges of this type, due to the company adopting different testing methods to simulate a comprehensive set of application scenarios at its Reliability Testing Center.

    India is an especially challenging geographical domain with heat and dust along with strong coastal winds and frequent cyclones, the monsoons also give great challenge to installations. 

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    Looking closely at diverse climatic conditions, LONGi has for some time used comprehensive aging testing, simulating application scenarios such as low-latitude monsoon, tropical rain forest, mountains and deserts to better verify product reliability under real-world scenarios. 

    Reliable technology: multiple assurances in innovation, management and customer values

    The LONGi Lifecycle Quality concept was created from a blank canvas. Adhering to an innovative concept based on reliability, LONGi aims to rapidly transform its technological innovations into large-scale production capacity, further reducing LCOE. With this objective in mind, the company’s R&D team has re-doubled the efforts which have enabled LONGi to consecutively break industry world records, with a view to the company’s lifecycle quality concept becoming the benchmark for the PV industry.

    Beyond Sales: Adding true customer value

    To protect the rights and interests of its customers, LONGi adopts digital methods to handle the anti-counterfeiting validation of each module and has also set up post-sales services. To solve global customers’ problems in a timely fashion, LONGi has set up over 10 marketing and service centers in its global core markets to provide a local service 24/7. LONGi not only responds to its customers’ needs in a timely manner during the after-sales phase but, at the very beginning of business communication, the company also provides efficient and professional advice in terms of product selection, cooperation planning, business support, logistics and transportation.

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