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Tata Steel To Invest 65 Million Euros for Hydrogen-based Steel Manufacturing

Centre Ramping Up Measures to Increase Green Hydrogen Generation: Union Minister

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Tata Steel announced that it will invest more 65 million euros in hydrogen-based steel manufacturing for the Netherlands.

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Tata Steel has signed pacts to work with McDermott, Danieli and Hatch, three Dutch firms for further technical preparations in order to manufacture hydrogen-based steel in Ijmuiden.

Each company has its own expertise that can be combined to help Tata Steel in the hydrogen-based steel manufacturing process.

“We have recently signed agreements regarding our future with two ministries as well as the province of North Holland. We have also committed to becoming CO2 neutral by 2045 and emitting between 35-40% less CO2 by 2030. “This will be achieved mainly via the hydrogen route, where blast furnaces are replaced by modern, clean steel-making technologies that use hydrogen or gas instead, said Tata Steel Nederland CEO Hans van den Berg.

Annemarie Manger Sustainability Director at Tata Steel said that “what we do is a complex and unique operation. All existing plants will continue to be in use until the new plants are built. This requires close collaboration between all parties as well as facilities integration. McDermott and suppliers Danieli, Hatch, have formed a coalition. This is the beginning of basic engineering that will help us to better define our plans.

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