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Reneuco Bhd Signs Green Energy Agreements With Menteri Besar Kedah


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Reneuco Bhd signed two agreements with Menteri Besar Kedah to develop green energy projects within the state. The company stated in a statement that the projects would include hydro, biomass and solar.

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The first MoU involved a collaboration to form an alliance to bid for a small-scale hydropower plant and a biomass power plant in Kedah, for submission to the SEDA, Sustainable Energy Development Authority.

Reneuco and MBI signed a second MoU, along with Itramas Corporation Sdn Bhd and Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association to develop plans and support decarbonisation efforts of all parties in northern regions via the development of renewable energy projects using hydro, solar, and biomass sources in Kedah.

MBI will help with state-related matters related to land, approvals and permits, while Reneuco, the other parties, will provide the technology, expertise and resources required.

Reneuco will continue to share and develop local businesses’ expertise in the field of RE.

Datuk Mustakim Mat Nun, Reneuco’s executive chairman, stated that the agreement did not just cover hydro but also included biomass and solar.

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“After Terengganu recently, an endorsement by the state of Kedah is highly valued and will give us a huge opportunity in the state.

“The involvement of Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association and Itramas Corporation in the project is a testament to our ability to work with various parties to pursue the sustainable and green agenda,” he said in a statement.

He said that the MoUs were the company’s first project to be undertaken in Kedah and its first in northern Malaysia.

“Simultaneously, this increases our footprint in Peninsular Malaysia,” he said.

Future projects that contribute positively to Reneuco’s financial future will be possible through the MoUs.

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