KMF Issues Consultancy Tender For 100 MW Open Access Solar Power Project

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A request for proposals (RfP) has been made by the Karnataka Milk Producer’s Cooperative Federation (KMF) for project management consulting services to help the federation establish a 100 MW group captive open access solar power project.


The last date for proposal submissions is October 4, 2022. The day of the bid opening is October 7, 2022. The KMF will get into a 42-month contract with the successful bidder.


To satisfy the majority of the electrical demands of the federation and its affiliated milk unions, KMF wants to purchase electricity from renewable sources through open access in Karnataka.


A Rs 450,000 rupee earnest money deposit is required from bidders. The amount that must be provided by the chosen bidders as a performance bank guarantee was not specified in the procurement document.

A private sector solar project developer will be hired by the federation to create a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that will be used to design, install, build, run, synchronize, maintain, transfer, or take over a 100 MW solar power plant on a group captive open access basis.

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The project would be acceptable to the federation and its affiliated milk unions provided that it can result in savings of at least 30%. The project’s capacity may change.

The project management consultants will be employed by the federation for the whole 18-month construction period, as well as 2 billing cycles totaling an additional 24 months.

The consultant will be in charge of managing the entire coordination of the solar group captive implementation between the federation and the SPV. Additionally, a bankable, comprehensive project report as well as a monthly report on the SPV’s development must be submitted by the consultant. 

Bidders must have helped in the previous 10 years with at least one feasibility study for a cooperative milk federation, public sector organization, or state government that was based on a group captive solar project.

In the last 10 years, bidders must have helped a government electricity supply business or a state-owned power sector organization obtain a loan sanctioned for at least Rs 3.17 billion for a power project.

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The minimum average yearly income for bidders in any 2 of the previous 5 fiscal years was Rs. 4 million.

Additionally, they must also have drafted an article of association and a memorandum of association for a Karnataka government undertaking or any cooperative organization, in accordance with the Companies Act 2013.

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