Industry Wants Clarity on ALMM Extension and Implementation

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As per an industry expert, MNRE is believed to have passed an order on 13-Sep-22 to extend the implementation of the ALMM order by another 6 months.


However, as of now there is no official announcement by the Ministry on the matter.

Earlier SolarQuarter had reported that, on September 6th, industry representatives met R K Singh (Minister of Power), MNRE to discuss urgent issues related to ALMM, Module availability and Basic Customs Duty (BCD).

According to the sources, there is a possibility for the government to extend ALMM implementation start date on C&I/open-access by at least six months, possibly even up to one year. Sources also claim that there may be another major relaxation for solar project developers, where they will be able to purchase solar modules from any country including China. The ministry might also agree to exempt ALMM from utility-scale projects and bring them under the exemption.

Further update on the implementation of List-II of the ALLM order – as mentioned in the attached office memorandum dated 7-April-20 – is also awaited along with the above extension notification.

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